Afghanistan is Americas longest war and has been ongoing for 16 years, with victory nowhere in sight. Part of the blame must rest at the door of Obama, who publicly announced a phased withdrawal plan that gave the Taliban much-needed information to plan their campaign depending on the withdrawal timetable of U.S. troops. His decision to abruptly reduce the troop level from 100,000 to a mere 8000 emboldened the Taliban and allowed them to regroup. He was also guilty of taking no action against Pakistan, though he was aware that the rogue state was accepting U.S.

aid but supporting a faction of the Taliban which was fighting the U.S. Army.

Trump's speech

trump, in a major policy speech, reiterated the American resolve to stay and fight in Afghanistan and also accepted his generals suggestions for a troop increase. The exact number of troops to be introduced into Afghanistan has not been specified but it could be around 4000. This was the demand of General Nicholson the commander of US forces. Trump also singled out Pakistan and warned the nation that no longer would the USA excuse Pakistan and if it continued supporting terror groups, the USA would act. He emphasized that his aim was to win the war.

The President must be complimented for his speech and his decision not to retreat from Afghanistan.

He had earlier asked for the sacking of General Nicholson the army commander in Afghanistan but in his policy speech he made no mention of it. The exact timetable for the induction of the troops is secret and in line with the president's policy of not publicising such information.

Pakistan rattled

The Pakistan military establishment is rattled as the U.S.

could carry out punitive raids in Pakistan on camps and safe havens of the Taliban. As is well known, Pakistan gave safe refuge to Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader as well as the terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden. This terrorist who had masterminded the attack of 9/11 was housed close to the Pak military officers Academy at Abbottabad, a mere 100 km from the capital.


The Troop Surge coupled with a greater air effort and much-needed action against safe sanctuaries in Pakistan will have an effect on the military campaign. It also marks a new resolve to fight for victory in Afghanistan. In case the US enters the war against the Taliban and the ISIS in Afghanistan with resolve and determination, a positive result can be expected. The Afghan government of President Ghani is happy with the U.S. determination to fight to win in Afghanistan.