I have watched CBS’s “The Young and the Restless” for a very long time. So long that my mom and I used to watch it together. Do you remember when Victor Newman was a young skinny thing? I do. Do you remember when elegant society lady Nikki Newman danced for money in a gentlemen’s club I do. Through all the murders, adultery, fraud, and hostile business takeovers, I remained the number one fan. But something has recently has been hinted at that has me thinking Victor and I just might have to break up after all of these years.

It's always been a tangled web

A little background just to bring us all up to speed. Years ago, Sharon (Nick Newman’s ex-wife) had twins named Cassie and Mariah. Sharon put Cassie up for adoption, later retrieving and raising her until Cassie tragically died due to injuries sustained in a car crash.

Years later, Victor found the twin sister Mariah and paid her to come to Genoa City in order to drive Sharon crazy. He wanted her to believe she was seeing her dead daughter Cassie’s ghost. So they finally got to the bottom of that messy affair and Sharon and Mariah became close, forging a good mother-daughter relationship under the circumstances.

Sharon also has an adult son Noah Newman who likes rescue relationships.

It seems as if every girl he meets is in some kind of trouble or running from danger. True to form he is courting Tessa, new singer in town who used to perform on the sidewalks for change until Nikki took her under her wings.

So now Mariah is dating Devon, billionaire man about town; and Tessa is dating Noah, of the filthy rich Newman clan.

These two lucky ladies have got to be on top of the world, right? But what do the writers do out of the blue? They inexplicably give Mariah a new storyline in which she is pining away for Tessa. It’s neither Mariah nor Tessa’s fault because the actresses must act the scripts as they are written, or leave the show.

It's not too late to save face

I am just so disappointed in the writers because The Young and the Restless was one of the few safe havens left. One of the few shows that hadn’t succumbed to the alleged “Hollywood agenda” that purports to flood television shows and movies with so much unnatural affection that it becomes normalized and we, the viewing public, begin to accept it. It’s sad, but true. Look at any list of the ten highest-rated television shows, and you will be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t have an LGBTQ relationship already present or brewing.

Well to be fair, Tessa and Mariah have only shared one brief kiss. Let’s hope that viewer dismay, letters and calls will stop this train from derailing into the abyss of “all the other shows are doing it” mediocrity. It’s always been a fine family show, and let’s hope that it stays that way. We’re pulling for you writers. Make the right decision.

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