My fellow Americans,

We embark upon this journey of life in troubling times. Uncertainty within our government leads us to this precipice laid out before us. Due to these forces pushing and pulling us, it is causing strife in our great nation. As a people, it has become pertinent and immediate that we drop this guise surrounding us, this veil which has come to cloud our lives.

The beginning

At the dawn of our great country, the Founding Fathers put within the framework of government ultimate power to the people. By the people, for the people, was written down in the hope that the people of our great nation would take care of each other and more importantly our country.

As the days, weeks, and months have passed since the current political party has usurped the mantle of authority bestowed upon them, there has been a constant depression that descended on us like a dismal rainy day. This depression is festering in every corner of our great country but its strongest effects have been felt in the center, our District of Columbia.The very root of our illness stems from the very place that should be pumping out an antibiotic of sorts to rid this illness from our fair shores.


This depression stems from an unwillingness to set aside minor differences to make major changes in everyone's lives. The current administration's slogan is, "Make America Great Again." This seems odd because do we not live in the greatest country on Earth, in the greatest era?

We do live in the greatest country on earth, but its a reality marred by a facade the United States Of America has become. Fractured and opposing political parties, ever-widening income inequality, and civil rights movements we thought had been solved years ago are now a part of our reality. All of these issues are tearing at the very fabric of our existence.

These issues are pinning neighbor against neighbor, family against family, and males against females.

These fights would be avoidable if politics had not decided to turn their backs on the constituents. This turning away has been gradual but not unnoticeable. Glaciers move slowly, yet every year they travel more and more. Concerns of citizens are going unnoticed and unheard even though they are being told daily that their concerns are seen and heard.


As of now, we have outstanding promises made by the current administration to the people. The President of the United States of America made promises to the people he has not kept. This country is made up of citizens and under the constitution, we are all equal. Property, money, education, or birth does not change this equation. The President is also a citizen, the First Citizen of the United States of America. His concerns are the concerns of every citizen no matter their status or place in life. As a citizen, it is urgent, pertinent, and imperative that all our concerns are voiced and given equal measure. Currently, citizens are seen as amusements to the people we have elected to represent our lives in government.

It is amusing to see the fumes and clashing arise from the problems our Congress, Senate, and President have caused.

Republicans laugh, as the President blunders his way through his first year of presidency. Republicans laugh, as each new piece of legislation makes Democrats squirm in their seats. And the President, as a Republican, laughs at how funny it is to see them bicker while he sits back and watches the sparks burst into flame. Democrats laugh as they rebuke every effort at bipartisan work. They laugh as their constituents voices whine to them about every Republican fueling resentment across party lines. Democrats laugh as they make fun and insult the President of the United States. Is this some kind of Shakespearean tragedy where the people are the tragic heroes destined to never reach greatness because they are tripped up time and time again by the government?

I hope not. I hope power is restored and equality becomes reality rather than an ideology.


In the United States of America, we are all the same. We may come from the Northeast, Midwest, Deep South, West Coast or the Heartlands, but we are all Americans. The time is now to take your neighbor's hand, your countryman and women's hand, and most importantly your equals hand so that we may rise together rather than crash together. Even if one person falters there will always be someone there beside you to lend you their strength so that we as Americans do not have to brave this world alone. If you do not believe that everyone is equal or everyone deserves the best life possible, then stand aside, for there is work to be done without you impeding progress.

To the elected government officials, I say this: Put aside these petty political differences, listen to all of your constituents, and work with your compatriots to make the United States of America move towards a united future. All for one and one for all.


Your Fellow American