American Journals are staring, meticulously, at the statistical reports showing increased deaths of civilians living under poverty level. It was in 2009, the researchers on behalf of American Journal of Public Health intimated that there is an increased number of deaths caused due to lack of proper healthcare revenues.

Services rendered to elderly and disabled

Medicaid is the foremost healthcare program which elucidates the healthcare awareness to the poor and vulnerable. It is under the Affordable Care Act ( ACA ) any American who lives at or under the poverty level is eligible to enroll in the affordable care act.

The new and revised guidelines of Affordable Care Act pave the way for those who had exhausted their entire financial resources, and those do not have support from family or friends.

Is that a curse that an elder left cast out? Most probably the civilians of America would likely to pamper the elders, disabled and needy. Enlighten the lifestyle of the disabled to lead an independent life with the favor of the Medicaid.

Mothers and children benefited under the Medicaid

No wonder that both the children and the caring mother benefit from the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The benefits are by means of checkups, vaccinations and dental care for children who are covered under Medicaid. Denial of fund renewal for the Children's Health Insurance Program by the honorable Republican - Dominated Congress is intercepted by the activists that more than millions of children are pulled away from the healthcare schemes.

Over 60 percent of children are paid for birth under Medicaid healthcare program.


To reduce or deny revising the fund for the healthcare program is immoral and unethical against the well being of the US civilians. Unconditionally, this may vastly lead lea to the deaths of more than 20000 of Americans including the children, elders and even the disabled not had missed the chance too.

Senator is requested to renew and revise the fund for the healthcare program thereby reduce the Mortality rate and lighten the well being of US civilians.

The immediate remedy that the American Congress would likely be able to take is to revise the healthcare schemes and to pass legislation against the outrageous costs for the pharmaceutical and medical expenses thereby contribute the same for the well being of elders, disabled and children.