California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law making his state the first “sanctuary state.” The bill would prohibit local and State Law enforcement from cooperating with federal agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In effect, the government of the state of California extended a middle finger to federal immigrations laws and those who are charged with enforcing them. ICE has responded by informing Gov. Brown that some unforeseen and unpleasant consequences are about to ensue.

More arrests at homes and workplaces

Now that California law enforcement agencies will no longer respond to detainders, requests by ICE to detain illegal aliens in their custody so that ICE agents can come pick them up for deportation, the federal agency charged with enforcing immigration laws is going to have to conduct more raids on private homes and job sites.

This necessity is going to increase the likelihood of violence ensuring.

When an illegal alien is transferred from local to ICE custody, the process is conducted under tightly controlled conditions, a matter of just handing over the person and the keys to the handcuffs over. However, if ICE is compelled to arrest more illegal aliens in their homes or places of work, the potential for things going sideways increases. The illegal alien might decide to run or resist, making the ICE agents have to respond with potentially deadly force. Others may be swept up in the arrest raids who otherwise would be left unmolested.

Captured illegals to be kept out of state

Because of the hostile attitude of California to the nation’s immigration laws, the captured illegal aliens will likely have to be incarcerated out of state while they are being processed for deportation.

That means that they will be kept at some distance from their friends and relatives. The permissive attitude toward illegal immigration in California may prove to make that state a magnet for illegals unless ICE conducts a massive crackdown.

The bottom line

California, as it has tended to do, has passed legislation based on emotion and ideology without thinking through the consequences.

The ruling class of the state likes unrestricted immigration, perhaps out of misplaced compassion, but also out of a desire for cheap labor and reliable Democratic voters. This wish can only be fulfilled at the expense of legal residents of California and American citizens. Wages will tend to be depressed and social services, already expensive and unsustainable, will be clogged with new participants. Crime will increase as drug gangs are given free rein to operate at will. However, the important thing is sticking it to President Trump, so such things must be endured.