The United States must not waste the chance that it has to improve security in Asia with the help of Japan. Japan has a big population, a large gross domestic product, and advanced technology. This nation has to develop Nuclear Weapons to send a clear message to the regime of Kim Jong-un: Stop developing nuclear weapons and behaving in aggressive ways or you will face the consequences. Japan could comfortably have 100 or 200 nuclear weapons. If the Pyongyang regime tries to compete, it would be devastating for its poor and mistreated economy. Japan has to change its foreign policy and help America stop a growing regional threat.

No burden

If Japan decides to have 100 or even 200 nuclear weapons, this would be no problem because there are countries like France and the United Kingdom that have smaller populations and own nuclear arsenals. Poor and underdeveloped nations like Pakistan and North Korea have nuclear weapons too. Israel is an advanced economy with a very small population and area, but it also owns nuclear weapons. It all depends on the policy that the government wants to follow. Japan has all the resources to become a nuclear power.

The US' expertise

America and Russia have been for a long time the greatest nuclear powers on the planet, so, the US has the knowledge and technology to accelerate the development of nuclear weapons in Japan.

Besides, the country that has been able to flood American markets with cars and other consumer goods could increase exponentially the output of weapons of all types. A manufacturing Japan could develop military muscle to go hand in hand with its economic power. A great percentage of the technology used in civilian production would have a military use.

Japan vs. North Korea

The nation of Kim Jong-un is nothing compared to the country that manufactures Honda and Toyota. Japan has solid car production, an advanced electronics industry, and developed robot technology. North Korea is still an agrarian society in many areas. Japan is open to the world and is a key player in international trade, while North Korea is a pariah regime, an isolated country.

The Japanese have become partners of the US, while the Pyongyang regime has only grown more hostile. If Japan develops 100 nuclear weapons, this would increase North Korean military expenditures, causing huge economic problems for the isolated country. This is the moment to re-establish Japanese military power.