Donald Trump wants to build a US-Mexico Border Wall to ensure a ban on the entry of illegal immigrants as well as drug smugglers. Rigid specifications were spelled out, and the first step was to build prototypes. There is more than one design on the drawing board and a choice of more than one material. Once the final design is approved, work will begin in full swing.

Construction work has started in San Diego near Otay Mesa Port of Entry and a time-frame of 30 days has been given to the contractors to complete the prototypes.

Border wall takes shape

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that a total of eight prototypes are planned for the US-Mexico border wall. Four of these would be of concrete and the remaining four of some alternate material. Each model must be between 18 to 30 feet high and 30 feet long. The location selected for executing the work is a few miles away from the Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

The work area has been fenced off and security measures strengthened by deploying state, local and federal agents to ensure that demonstrators do not hamper the flow of work. Police officers of San Diego are at work along with officers of Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents, the Federal Protection Service.

The CBP will select the winning design after which the final contract would be awarded. However, the source of funding is still not confirmed.

Where are the funds?

The US-Mexico border wall is a major project and involves an investment of billions of dollars. The wall was on the campaign agenda of Donald Trump. The nearly 2,000-mile wall is expected to restrict entry of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers from Mexico into America.

Sky News adds that smugglers usually toss packets of drugs over the wall and Trump wants to prevent that by having a see-through wall.

Walls and fencing exist in some locations and, since the border passes through bodies of water and mountainous terrains, there are gaps. People use these gaps to cross over into the United States, and Trump wanted to block such entry points.

Hence, he wanted to put up a wall that would be more permanent.

Environmentalists had raised objections because the wall would affect the wildlife. They would lose freedom of movement and grazing options. Incidentally, because of the rigid attitude of the U.S., migrants are already giving it a wide berth and opting for other countries.

Donald Trump had expressed confidence that Mexico would provide the funds. However, there is no indication that they would oblige and Congress has not yet allocated any funds. In spite of such uncertainties about finance, work has started on building prototypes.