It's safe to assume at this point that there is no room in the White House for Trump's fringe base. This was confirmed by a report by The Daily Beast last Tuesday titled: "Sheriff Clarke was in talks for a Trump White House Job—Then John Kelly Killed It," where -- as the title clearly states -- John Kelly killed Sheriff Clarke's prospects.

Clarke already rejected by Kelly before

According to sources mentioned in the article, Clarke had already been turned down for a job at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) when Gen. Kelly was secretary. At the time, Kelly told Clarke that he would not get the job due to reports of mistreatment of people detained under his watch which includes one death.

But now with Kelly having left DHS to become Trump's Chief Of Staff, he intercepted the Sheriff's opportunities at the White House too. It was reported that last Tuesday, Clarke signed on as a spokesman and a senior adviser for a Trump SuperPAC called America First Action. The report also said that Clarke withdrew his request from the White House as early as June.

Trump's August transition

August would appear to be the month that a lot had turned around to pivot for President Trump, ranging from the worst to something more acceptable. With white supremacist hate groups rising up in Charlottesville came violence, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer and two police officers.

President Trump's statements were expected to calm and reinforce the nation's stance on condemning hate groups.

Instead, Trump only dug in his heels and further supported those hate groups by blaming counter-protesters -- who was attacked -- as being just as violent.

Following this, Trump continued to stir up more controversy by pardoning a racist former sheriff Joe Arpaio, which was viewed as the President showing his contempt for the rule of law.

Separating extremism from the White House

At the same time, Gen. Kelly had established quite recently that there would not be any new hires at the White House for the time being. The distance between the days when Trump engaged with fringe extremists has only widened ever since. This clearly meant that there would not be any room for people like David Clarke.

The article also reports that the now former sheriff is part of a group which happens to include Arpaio called The Constitutional Sheriffs Movement, a clear indication that the most controversial sheriffs are united.

On Gen. Kelly's first day as chief of staff, he gave national security adviser H.R. McMaster the authority to fire two Bannon loyalists, one of them being Rich Higgins. Higgins wrote an islamophobic memo that led to his firing from the White House, who Clarke has revealed some similarities to with his belief that Black Lives Matter and ISIS would join forces and attack America. Given that fact, there's no reason for Kelly to bring that kind of mindset back when he had just taken the month of August reject it.