With the House of Representatives passing a $7.85 billion dollar aid package and Texans returning to what's left of their homes, Hurricane Harvey is said to have left the worse devastation in American history. At the same time, the Trump presidency -- already itself the worse in American history -- has had to take the lead, reluctantly, to step in and support disaster relief. Already, the President failed on all fronts, all while simultaneously launching attacks on the media.

Texas politicians take advantage of disaster

At the same time, other Republican politicians have only made themselves look worse in their support around him.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had already positioned himself as a supporter of Trump's controversial agenda earlier this year and did not hesitate to make sure he was seen with the President over Hurricane Harvey. Here is Abbott sitting next to the President.

In the video, President Trump thanked senators, John Cornyn and Tex Cruz. Of the two senators, Cruz has already built a reputation in Congress and has even stood out as a target by members of his own party. Cruz would make himself a target once again over Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, a hurricane that has specifically caused Houston to flood.

Sen. Cruz was hammered a few times by the media asking why he hadn't approved a bill that would help people who suffered from Hurricane Sandy back in 2013.

Even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie accused Sen. Ted Cruz of hypocrisy last week over the four-year-old issue.

Cruz's excuse was that he didn't vote for that bill back then because it was full of unrelated agendas -- "pork" -- by other lawmakers. Here is one interview where he's asked about his decision to not vote for Sandy relief, where instead of answering the question immediately, he takes the "scenic" route.

The Washington Post was one of the media outlets to detail the passing of the Sandy relief bill in an article titled: "Ted Cruz's claim that two-thirds of the Hurricane Sandy bill 'had nothing to do with Sandy'". It recalls that the relief bill had been passed in two parts, one part in late 2012 and the other in 2013. The $50 billion dollar relief bill did not get much support from Republicans, which included Cruz, claiming that two-thirds of the bill was stuffed with "pork-barrel" spending.

It should be noted that Sen. Cornyn has also made the same claim as Cruz, where his spokesman also used the same defense, saying that Sen. Cornyn did vote for the Sandy bill, just not the version with all of the pork. The fact is, however, that there might have been some pork spending at the beginning, but not when the bill went up for a vote.

All of it was confirmed to be Sandy relief, but at the most, some disaster claims might have been disputed by some Republicans as unrelated even though they still were. That is still at a very low level. Here is a segment with Chris Christie on MSNBC where he refers to Cruz's lies and the same details from the Washington Post fact-checking article.