While a significant part of the American public, along with most of the mainstream media, is wasting time and energy discussing Trump's tweets and daydreaming of his impeachment, he is making important moves that will significantly impact the lives of the American people for decades to come.

Monotony on the surface

And yet, no one cares. The left and the right are too busy producing incoherent noise to notice what's really happening. Ironically, Donald Trump is simply following in Obama's footsteps. The infantile screeching of Trump's left-leaning critics and the blind support from his fans and supporters are both getting repetitive, if not annoying.

The noise is serving its purpose — distracting the public from what really matters. Mass Surveillance matters. Privacy matters. Freedom matters.

So, what did Trump do this time? He nominated Adam I. Klein for chairman of the PCLOB (Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board).

Who is Adam I. Klein?

Trump picked his words carefully when talking about Mr. Klein. This is the official statement, as published on whitehouse.gov: “Mr. Klein is the Robert M. Gates Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, where his research centers on the intersection of national security policy and law. He previously served as a law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia of the U.S. Supreme Court and Judge Brett M.

Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.”

What the general public doesn't know, however, is that Klein co-authored a manifesto of sorts, a surveillance policy, titled: "A Pragmatic Agenda for 2017 and Beyond." The paper essentially advocates for mass surveillance and the authors argue that citizens should trust governments, give up their privacy, and allow mass surveillance.

This is, predictably, hidden under the veil of familiar phrases, with a little bit of 9/11 sprinkled in (Klein, for example, argues that "9/11 occurred because the government did not have a powerful enough surveillance apparatus.").

It's safe to assume that if Adam I. Klein becomes the chairman of the PCLOB, the left, along with the mainstream media, will hypocritically attack Trump for doing exactly what his predecessor, their beloved president Barack Obama, did. If there's a recurring theme in all of the American public discourse it is, without a doubt, unintentional irony. At least it's somewhat entertaining.