The result of the counter culture movement of this era was enormous social change and huge advances in equality and human rights. Since that time most of us generally feel that we have grown as a society, that tolerance has increased and the world is mostly a better place then it used to be.

As America socially progressed, laws, corporate policies, and education in schools were changed to prevent discrimination and equalize opportunities. Those of European descent have been pretty satisfied with the progress. Bigots, white supremacists, homophobes etc.

had all been shamed into a barely audible murmur by the threat of social condemnation or even the loss of a job or business. But to those marginalized groups the discrimination just got more insidious, harder to prove and lately, these groups have been letting us know about it.

We couldn't see your monster

White people are hearing it, and it is hurting our hearts a little bit. The majority of us don't want Hatred in our communities, our schools, our workplaces. We like to think we are raising our children in a better world. We post in our News Feeds "We stand with you!" We post colored flags over our profile pictures. "Solidarity!" Our swords are ready to fight but we seem not to find the target.

We cannot see your monster.

Donald Trump is an irresistible lure, validating those who would like to do harm to others, making them feel safe to express their previously repressed views. We see your monster now, and it is way worse than we thought. We thought that bigotry and hatred was the domain of a few disenfranchised young men, led along by an impotent, angry middle-aged mentor or two, and they lived somewhere else, not in our communities.

But as these monsters take the bait, and come creeping out of their crevices. we are shocked with the realization. Some of them are our community leaders, our benefactors and our employers. These are people who we trust to represent us and uphold American values.

Drain the Swamp

Donald Trump is providing an opportunity for Americans to truly slam this monster.

He has taken a previously invisible target and made it obvious that hatred in America is a top down institution. Hatred in America has been been clandestinely protected and encouraged by some of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the country it seems. Many people who voted for Trump did so because they were taken with the cry "drain the swamp!". That is exactly what is happening. The swamp of intolerance is being drained and all the previously hidden creatures are being exposed. Without a doubt, they won't endure long in the sunlight.