Today, August 12, 2017, an update on the ex-DJ David Mueller versus Taylor Swift revealed that the judge presiding the Case ruled it out making Taylor no longer a defendant in the case. This case involves a $3 million dollar suit filed by the DJ against Taylor for destroying his career due to Taylor's groping allegation. A counter-suit was further filed by Taylor amounting to $1. Yes, only a dollar to prove that the country super star does not care about the money. Here are some of the updates on the case.

Current updates

As mentioned earlier, the judge ruled out Taylor as the defendant in the case filed by the ex-DJ.

It will continue with just Taylor's mother, Andrea Swift, and Frank Bell, a radio promotions director, as defendants. Moreover, the jury will hear out Taylor's closing arguments on her counter-suit against the ex-DJ.

Upon hearing the Judge's decision, Taylor hugged her two lawyers and was emotional. A mixture of relief and emotions enveloped the singer. She was reported to be sniffing and blew her nose loudly in court. In addition, Taylor's attorneys did not call any more witnesses to the groping case that occurred on June 2013.

What this case means

We all know how serious these allegations are not just for Taylor who had suffered a traumatic experience but also for women alike who had been harassed.

The worse of it is that despite being harassed and as a superstar, Taylor silently dealt with it but was later sued by $3 million for destroying the DJ's career. Being called a liar is the worst that could happen to someone who was harassed.

This case means a lot to women who were treated the same from calling out "foul" over sexual harassment.

Feminists should be supporting this. However, there seemed to be none. I don't know what they were thinking or is it just because Taylor's will is proven to be strong to stand this but one can't really help but ask "Why are you all so silent?".

During Kesha's case for rape, Taylor had donated to her cause and several artists as well voiced out their support to Kesha.

Feminists alike voiced out their prayers and support for the singer. Several other cases involving female celebrities garnered support. So why the silence now?

The possible reasons

Taylor Swift fans were quick to address this issue. Several say that is due to the fact that Taylor's own dating reputation could have caused the suspicion to rise proving the DJ's allegation. Other people said that this is what the singer deserved. Could you believe this? How sick can those notions be?

Let me remind you that nothing and I mean nothing, will erase the fact that sexual harassment is okay. That's why we support Taylor Swift in standing up to the truth. And we hope that the world will know this: it is never the victim's fault.