Neymar Jr has officially paid his buyout clause and is no longer an FC Barcelona player, and It is a matter of hours before he signs with Paris Saint-Germain. The greatest transfer in soccer history is about to happen. Neymar's departure has brought $263 Million to FC Barcelona's coffer. No club has ever received that much money from a single transfer. The closest thing was Paul Pogba's $125 million move to Manchester United last year. But what should Barcelona do with that money?

Coutinho first to arrive at Barcelona?

Philippe Coutinho is one player that surely seems to be close to a move to Barcelona.

Liverpool's star player is apparently impatient to become a Barcelona player. He would fit in nicely in Barca's central midfield or either wing. In addition, his technical game would help Barcelona rekindle its famous tiki-taka style of play. He can play alongside Andres Iniesta in the midfield, replace him, or serve as the team's winger.

It has been reported that Barcelona was focused on pursuing Coutinho regardless of Neymar's future. Thus, Barcelona seemed determined to spend a large sum of money this summer. Bringing Coutinho will probably cost them over $95 million.

To Barcelona's surprise, Neymar has left and his departure has resulted in an important influx of money. And one thing that is certain is that Barcelona fans will not be content with anything but the purchase of one or more stars after having seen Neymar leave.

Should Barcelona go young or safe?

Barcelona has an important decision to make right now. Should they use all that money to acquire an established star or should they take their chance at an up and coming star? Names like Paulo Dybala, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, and Moussa Dembele have surfaced in the media as possible Barcelona targets.

Dyabla and Griezmann would surely and immediately contribute at the highest level at Barcelona. However, it remains unclear whether new manager Ernesto Valverde needs a player of their style. They both play between the lines and tend to occupy the central/right side of the pitch. However, someone by the name of Lionel Messi already fulfills such functions at Barcelona.

But, it is highly unlikely that Atletico Madrid would let Griezmann leave. Atletico cannot enroll new players to their squad this season due to FIFA's ban, so they will probably prevent their stars from leaving. Juventus FC will surely ask for the moon once Barcelona asks for Dybala.

On the other hand, Mbappe and Dembele are young talents who show exceptional potential but have yet to mature and play their best. Barcelona would have to take a gamble if they were to choose one of these players. Such players could be the next faces of world soccer or simply get lost in people's memories. What is certain is that AS Monaco and Borussia Dortmund will only let their players leave if a large sum of money arrives their way.

This is the unfortunate state of the soccer market. Teenagers can now be worth over $120 million apparently. Thank you, PSG and Neymar.

But Mbappe or Dembele could fit in better in Valverde's plans. Valverde favors having a winger who can spread the pitch and win the individual matchup. Neymar did so for the last three years. As a result, this gives Messi and Luis Suarez more room to operate on the field.

Barcelona could become better

Barcelona has to make a decision and fast. The end of August, which signifies the transfer deadline, is around the corner. Barcelona has a historical opportunity to show why they are "more than a club". They can move on from Neymar by creating an even better team that can resemble the dominant Barca we had known earlier in the decade.

Messi is there for at least four more years, so it will be crucial to continue to surround him with the most appropriate players and take advantage of his talent for as long as they can keep him. Bringing in Coutinho and another star would surely help heal the wound left behind by Neymar. They cannot replace Neymar, but, with the right moves, Barcelona could possibly become a better team at the end of the day.