The time for Action is always now. It is easy to pick and choose a reason to wait, and it always will be, but that does not mean someone should. Instead, one must pick a goal and take relentless action to achieve it. We can look to the past for a number of examples as to how this is an effective path to take, but in this case, we can glance at the life of an automotive titan.

The case of Henry Ford

Henry Ford grew up from a modest, rural background. He had a limited background in engineering, but he always strove to figure out things for himself.

At a young age, he taught himself how to take apart watches to put them back together. In other words, rather than sit back and wait, he took action to teach himself about how things worked.

By his adulthood, Ford was quietly rising to larger and larger success. Now tinkering with cars and engines rather than with watches as he had as a boy, Ford was driven towards a seemingly impossible goal: creating the universal automobile. At the time, by the turn of the 20th century, cars were a luxury item, not something the common working citizen could afford. Ford saw something that could be changed. He picked his goal and went for it with everything he had.

Years later, Ford Motor Company began pumping out dozens and later hundreds of cars per day, astronomically reducing prices for consumers.

Despite struggles with numerous lawsuits, two World Wars, and a volatile relationship with his son, he did not let anything stop him. His efforts single-handedly changed the face of the world. His company lives on as one of the largest automobile producers in the world, to this day.

The case of you

You may think that being influential or successful as Henry Ford was is completely out of the picture.

In that case, you are right, since that though is inherently self-defeating. Admitting that achieving something is impossible is one of the few instances where there is truly 100 percent accuracy in a statement. You are telling yourself that you cannot do something, so you will not. The trick is not to say why you cannot do something but to instead ask how you can do that same thing.

Henry Ford continuously asked, “How can I create the universal automobile?” He asked, “How do I make it cheaper for the masses?” But he never said, “This is impossible.”

What are you waiting for? Do you need extra motivation? The time for action is now. The first step towards any goal is to make one. Once that is done, the road ahead is what you make of it. Will it be an impossible trek? Or will you ask how can I achieve that, instead?