For many decades, Cuba and the US have had a negative relationship. The small Caribbean Island has had a Communist government since 1959. Cuba was a relatively advanced country in the 1950s, but under Fidel Castro, things declined. America imports a lot of products from different countries every day; thus, nations like China, Japan, and others have made great amounts of money by selling to the American market. Could the US and Cuba work together again?

A new Taiwan

Cuba can become a new Taiwan, as it has a skilled workforce, cheap labor costs, and it's close to America.

If China and South Korea can export their products to the US, the same can work for Cuba. The Caribbean island has the chance to become a new manufacturing hub if it makes the right choices. Cuba could also develop a financial sector similar to small countries like Hong Kong or Switzerland.

Medical tourism

It is no secret that the population of the US is in the middle of an aging process, the number of Americans who are 65 or more will almost double between 2015 and 2055. They will be more than 92 million inhabitants and almost 23 percent of the US population. Many American make big efforts to pay for their health care costs; thus, Cuba can offer good value for the money of the US citizens. An aging America would be a good customer for the Caribbean island.

A new Florida

Many US companies have the capacity to flood the Cuban market with a lot of goods and services, and they could increase the economic development of the island. The US companies can provide jobs and chances of economic development. Many Cubans live in the US, so, they could invest in the local economy. The island has a great potential to develop tourism, agriculture, construction, and transportation.

Chief Executive Officers, CEOs, from different companies, want an end to the trade restrictions.

Cuba has a small population and a big potential

A country that has a small population can develop its economy faster, as has happened with Hong Kong and Singapore. Investing $1 billion in Cuba has much more potential than investing the same amount of money in a country like India or China because of the vast differences in population.

The island has just 11 million people; thus, each billion invested there means a lot. Saul Berenthal is the CEO of Cleber, a company that manufactures tractors, is convinced that there is a great potential to increase the cooperation between Cuba and the US.