The US Congress seems to be constantly hindering President Trump's agenda at the moment. Many politicians feel that they are behaving this way because they are acting out of principle to stop the president from legislating devastating acts that will destroy numerous schemes they have supported. This includes Obamacare. But really, they are helping nobody but themselves and tarnishing their own image in the public's eyes.

This party consistently lied about Obamacare

However, the party that deserves the most blame for Congress's diminishing reputation is the Democrat Party.

This party consistently lied about Obamacare right from the beginning. They blame this scheme collapsing on the Republicans. "If you like your doctor, you can keep them," Obama told people when he was president. The then-House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, refused to disclose details of the Obamacare bill, telling commentators: "The details will be revealed when the bill has been passed."

Many powerful lobbyists influenced the outcome of Obamacare and even Democrat members of Congress were kept in the dark about the bill's final details. Despite this, the bill passed without any help from Republicans. The impact of Obamacare has been dreadful. The market is crashing and premiums are skyrocketing. But according to this spineless party and the media, this is all President Trump's fault.

Many Republicans deserve to be shamed for their failure to repeal Obamacare

Many Republicans deserve to be shamed for their failure to repeal Obamacare sooner. They had seven years to do so and they failed to take one opportunity to scrap it. And they are blaming all of their problems on President Trump when actually, the Democrats seem to outfox them every time.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that the President has too many expectations for him, but when his party controls both Houses of Congress, why is it near impossible to complete a simple task like repealing Obamacare? Senator John McCain spectacularly crushed the repeal bill, even though he attacked the scheme in the 2010 mid-term elections.

The hypocrisy and ineffectiveness of these politicians know no bounds.

Gallup recently issued a poll that discovered only 16 percent of voters feel that Congress is doing an adequate job. This is poor considering the United States is the world's largest democracy. It also justifies Donald Trump's claims last year that the swamp needs draining. The president's policies to move America forward are excellent. He wants to repeal regulations that restrict business activities and create more jobs as a result. He wants to restore his country's place in the world. Sadly, he is restricted by a constitution that allows self-interested politicians to prohibit him.

The mid-term elections next year should be a fresh opportunity to allow the American people to deliver their verdict on Congress's record.

Whatever the outcome, it's time for both parties to put up or shut up. But the Democrats deserve the most blame for legislating awful schemes like Obamacare and for obstructing the president's agenda.