You’ve waited all week for this Virgo and now it’s time for Sunday fun! Your birthday from August 23rd to September 22nd makes you a goal setter with an uncanny ability to achieve anything that you set your mind to. Today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo speaks about looking at things through the eyes of another.

What to expect

Singles: No one is perfect Virgo so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re feeling abandoned by the people you love, but you need to understand the part you played in this. Maybe it was your refusal to acknowledge their differences of opinion or it might have been your aggression toward certain points.

Either way, apologies are due before things can go back to normal. Spend the day in quiet reflection, so that you can see things from a different perspective.

Are you a love train Virgo? Then why do you keep speeding from person to person, romance to romance? Without any sort of stability, you’re bound to run off the rails sooner or later. It’s obvious you’re a little confused in the love department and need to step on the brakes in order to find yourself. Learn to be comfortable by yourself. You are not desperate! Crash and burn or stop and learn? It’s your choice.

Couples: A compromise is urgently required Virgo and it doesn’t mean that you’ll be viewed as weak. It’s okay for you to get your way a lot of the time, so why can’t your partner be happy too?

One of the most important skills to develop in a relationship is learning how to choose your battles and there’s really no room for selfishness here. It’s time to decide what’s really important to you because if you don't learn to bend, you just might break.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Eroticism reigns tonight Virgo.

For a while, you felt glum and unattractive, but with the passing celestial energies, you’re starting to feel brand new. Tonight, you’ll meet a hot number in the company of friends, and things just click. If fun is all you’re after right now, things promise to be smoldering!

For those of you already in a relationship: Right now you want some time alone with your partner, to just relax in each other’s arms.

Funnily enough, your partner has been wishing for that all week long. It’s nice that you’re both on the same page so later on, communicate your wishes and reap the positive rewards! Today is a day to focus your attention on what you want from your relationship. It also won’t hurt to hear what he/she is looking for.

We’re glad you came by to read your daily Lovescope for Virgo and we certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed it and will share your reading on social media. Do enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see you tomorrow for more insight from the stars.