Happy Friday Taurus! Your birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th making you serious when it comes to love. You are always thinking of how you can take your relationship to the next level and silly mind games will just drive you away. You need a mature partner, someone on the same page as you are. Today’s daily Taurus Lovescope tells you to have faith in yourself.

What to expect:

Singles: There’s no doubt that you want the proverbial white picket fence, a charming lover and all the perks that come along with being part of a twosome. But there’s just something about the thought of monogamy that is rubbing you the wrong way today Taurus.

Listen, there is no rush and if your mind’s not in it don’t force it. Enjoy the dating scene to the max while you can, because once you’re coupled up, that’s it for playing the field.

Everyone thinks you’re so brave Taurus. After all, you’re the bull of the zodiac: headstrong, stubborn, pushy and manipulative! But today’s energies are bringing out a much lesser seen Taurus quality: insecurity. No matter how incredible others say you are, at your very core, you doubt yourself and fear of rejection from a special someone has you emotionally tied in knots. The stars advise you to take it step by step. Figure out your game plan in achievable steps and then, approach this person.

Couples: Today Taurus, you’ve woken up to the realization that your heart isn’t where it used to be and you’re feeling trapped.

The stars say you can blame that on the movement of Mars and Venus today who will simply accentuate dissatisfaction, doubts and the desire to escape. Planetary energies or not Taurus, this is serious and you need to decide where to go from here. Before you discuss it with your significant other, work it out in your head and do some soul searching.

Is this relationship worth fighting for or is it time to call it quits?

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Sensitivity could be taken to the extreme today Taurus. You’re slightly miffed by those who you think are watching you funny and you’re prone to take everything personally today. Even something that was said in jest by a loved one has made you start over analyzing and feeling hurt.

Come on Taurus, lighten up. Clear your head a bit, throw your energy into exercise or a little shopping, and by this evening you’ll realize that sometimes you’re just too easily spooked--and unnecessarily so.

For those already in a relationship: Love is giving you a high today that sends your head straight to the clouds. You’re feeling amorous and generous and want to splurge on your honeybee. Be outright and genuine in your expression. Maybe even surprise them with a gift. They will be reassured that you’re the only one for them.

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