Friday sweeps into your life Tauruses! Welcome! Your birthday between April 20th and May 20th makes you radiate fortitude and a warm heart. You revel in life’s sensual pleasures. Today’s daily Taurus Lovescope looks at expressing how you feel in order to improve relationships.

What to expect:

Singles: Age brings wisdom, and this is certainly true in your case Taurus. Part of maturing is being able to see where you were responsible for some of the wrong turns in your romantic road. Once you realize how much you can influence events, your prospects look better.

Today you are dreaming about your soulmate as you are feeling idealistic and want to sit around and ponder your love story. Your mind wanders endlessly about where and who this person might be but don’t get too carried away. While these thoughts are harmless, try not to be so idealistic that you become disillusioned with everyone you meet.

Couples: When are you going to realize that communication is the key to all great relationships, Taurus? Keeping your problems to yourself may seem the brave thing to do but, the strong, silent type is so last century! Those born in the first decade should pick up on any change or hint of change in their relationship as this could be significant. Your link with a Cancerian is very solid but could be better.

A good strategy for spending more time together is to cultivate interests in common. Today, just open up Taurus! Share what's going on with your sweetie, and they'll eagerly step up to help or at least, reveal what has been on their mind.

Others come to you for help today and lucky them that you’re just a walking wall of wisdom.

While you usually give great advice, how about you actually take some of your counseling to heart today and apply it where it belongs. The moment has come for you to establish your role in the relationship and explain you refuse to be dominated if you want this relationship to continue.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Someone with a lot of zeal figures strongly into your day today.

Take a cue from them. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for adventure and be open to whatever anyone else feels like talking about.

For those of you already in a relationship: Your problem isn’t that there is no passion, but rather that the passion can be found on another level. It simply needs to be created by developing the right kind of mood between you and your partner. Today's celestial configuration could spell a time when your relationship seems to lack that certain excitement and things may come to a head. Rest assured that this is something you both can settle.

Thanks for checking out your daily Lovescope for Taurus. May the weekend be a blast for you and don’t forget to share your reading with family and friends.