Welcome to Tuesday Scorpio! Your birth between October 23rd and November 21st makes you despise pretentious people. Once manipulated or betrayed, you never forget or forget! Today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio, speaks about broadening your horizons to expand your pool of potential interests.

What to expect:

Singles: You’re usually down for a good old fight in the name of love. You’re a warrior, Scorpio but you keep your cards very close to your chest. No one ever quite figures out your strategy, and that allows you sweet victory with an element of surprise.

Today, there’s no need to show your fangs to the competition--just let your certain someone know exactly how you feel. Sometimes, all a person needs to do is to stake out their territory when it comes to matters of the heart.

You’d be amazed at what a simple conversation should lead to or, even reveal. Today, go ahead and deal with a variety of topics about individual values or principles. The stars forecast that your beliefs will attract someone who shares them as well--how lucky is that?! The astral climate means that conversation becomes the key to a whole lot more than you could have imagined.

Couples: Your fertile imagination has gotten you into some interesting predicaments in the past, so remember that today as you get ready to jump to more conclusions.

Pay attention to what you say and don't rush into making hasty assumptions as you’re usually tempted to do.

Continuous mood swings typical of your sign Scorpio, will not stop you from leading a happy and carefree relationship--just try not to take any of your varying moods to the extreme today.

If your Ascendant is Taurus, you'll have heaps of exciting offers and attention tonight, while those of the second decade feel the irresistible urge to have unbridled fun.

How to get through your day:

For those looking for love: It’s a lucky day, and you are radiating positive energy. Your attractive personality will bring you the desired results today, as you will succeed in attracting the attention you seek. A new relationship that will bring you a lot of happiness can easily be established.

If you find that someone wonderful has entered your life, then do yourselves both a favor and spend as much time together today as you can.

For those of you already in a relationship: You’re feeling great, looking great and are happy with your current lot in life--but, is your partner feeling as sprightly? Check in with him or her today and ensure that you’re both on the same page. Do whatever you can to liven their spirits and show them that you truly care. Love is all about giving and receiving and today, your beloved needs you more than ever so don’t disappoint!

That’s a wrap for today daily Lovescope for Scorpio. Thanks so much for visiting and we hope that you’ll share it with your friends and family. Enjoy the rest of your day and see you on Wednesday!