Hey Sags! A sweet, sweet Sunday to you! Born between November 23 and December 21, you are straightforward, sometimes, even brutally honest. In today’s daily Lovescope for Sagittarius, we’re going to talk about focusing on the good in life and making the most of opportunities.

What to expect

Singles: Today you may want to stay under the blankets and shut yourself off from the rest of the world. Well, that’s impossible but good try! The stars advise you to make the most of lucky opportunities which will present themselves in this period so get out of bed!

An unexpected encounter could really open up new opportunities.

A personal struggle will smooth itself out just in time for you to turn your energy to other concerns, like love! Think about the qualities you’re really searching for in someone--their morals and values.

Now figure out how you can go about finding and keeping that person. Before finding love, those of the third decade should free themselves of negative thoughts and relax as much as possible. Do you have to choose between a Leo and an Aries? You will soon realize who annoys you with their selfishness and hypocrisy. Trust your instinct.

Couples: Today you'll give the best of yourself to make an important relationship work and this will help you face your life together with more awareness.

You could be a bit distracted today but by tonight, you’ll likely be ready to share with your sweetie. Sometimes in the flurry of love, you tend to forget there are other people in your life: friends and family! How about spending a little time texting, phone calling, emailing or, if you can spare the time, meeting up with them?

If you belong to the second decade, don't push egoism and jealously to the limits: this will damage any type of relationship. You don't want to know what loneliness feels like, do you? It already took you so long to get here! Use tonight to focus on and clarify your relationship.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: This will be a promising day, as your spirits may be lifted with the arrival of a new love in your life.

However, do not expect much from this relationship, because it may be more physical than emotional and more playful than serious--shucks! Enjoy your time together though and make some sweet memories to hold on to.

For those in a relationship: Indecisiveness may plague you today, Sagittarius. Be careful that you don't avoid doing something simply because you don't know which way to go. Take some alone time if that will help or seek your honey’s advice on the matter. Travel will most certainly help alleviate any worries about a certain situation. For those with a rising sign in Libra, you need to be more realistic and stop daydreaming.

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Sagittarius. The stars will be back tomorrow so shine on!