Wednesday has landed with lots of insight for you Leo! Your birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd make you a roaring lion in nearly every aspect of your life. When you’re hurt, however, you sulk off to lick your wounds in private. You never want anyone to see your vulnerable side. Today’s daily Lovescope for Leo tells you to consider other’s viewpoints before making your move.

What to expect

Singles: Well cock-a-doodle-do! You think you can get anyone you desire Leo. You puff up your chest and crow as loudly as you can to them. But your plan is not quite foolproof, and you might want to rethink that strategy as some people might find your crowing--cocky.

Actually listening to what someone has to say could be a lot more effective.

How many times can you keep falling in love and then fall out again? The problem is that you have difficulty in committing yourself. You are often in the relationship, but not truly present. Today if you fall in love again, just ask yourself before it all ends in tears how far it can go? If it looks really promising - be courageous and go ahead but if not, remember someone else’s feelings are also at risk.

Couples: One way to proactively handle that sometimes-unwieldy ego of yours is to consciously put someone else's needs first, at least for a few minutes -- and you know your honey will appreciate it if it's them.

Today, the celestial position will improve your behavior, and as a result, you will open yourself up more freely to love.

If you've got an idea, go ahead and build a rocket ship and blast off in the direction of your own personal outer space destination. Be sure to build a seat in there for your baby and take them to the moon and back. You’re both in for a real treat.

The lucky period continues for those in a relationship with a Scorpio: your relationship will permit you to mature spiritually.

There’s excellent sexual harmony so take full advantage of this lucky period.

How to get through your day:

For those of you looking for love: A new partnership is on the horizon as you appear attractive to someone you have known who now sees you in a whole new light. This union has all the makings of a long-term relationship, especially if it’s a friend you have known for quite some time.

Before you dive in, however, make sure that the other person is just as committed as you are.

For those of you in a relationship: The time has come to express your feelings in a more spontaneous way. Be brave, and you will also manage to involve your partner who interestingly enough, has been looking for a way to spice things up too! You two may have hit a transitional moment in your new association but it’s quite normal so just wait these feelings out, and you'll be fine.

That’s all for today’s daily Lovescope for Leo. Thanks for checking us out and if you’ve enjoyed this reading, don’t forget to visit again tomorrow!