Hey, Capricorns! Sunday surprises are in store for you! Your sign runs from December 22nd to January 19th making you patient and practical--you know that the best things in life don’t come easily. Today’s daily Lovescope for Capricorn tells you that when life is generous, share your good fortune with others.

What to expect

Singles: Capricorns are known for playing it safe but when your timidity starts interfering with golden opportunities, well, Houston, we have a problem! Come out of your shell today and show life who is boss!--well, in a nice way right?

You're sensible and frugal and can work wonders with a budget. These are desirable virtues, but you might want to ensure that you're not stingy with your feelings. Embrace emotional abundance and watch the law of karma come back lovingly to you.

Those of you born in the first decade must pay more attention not to confuse physical attraction with honest feelings. This could be dangerous.

Couples: You’re feeling truly blessed to have a kind, tender and caring partner by your side who loves you. Your romantic hopes are sky high, and you’re feeling good to go. Uh, an oh...that crazy little thing called love seems to have some other ideas -- and so might your significant other. Hmm, fear not Cap! You can make these changes work to your advantage.

Take things to the limit today and then go beyond. This is one of those days in which people may go to extremes, especially emotionally but you have the right to push the boundaries and see how far you can go. If you're going to do something, don’t delay. There's an intense surge of power rushing through your veins, and this is just the right time to show your more dark impulses which you have kept hidden for a long time.

How to get through your day:

For those looking for love: Today you need to make an important decision and may feel to seek your friend’s advice. Go ahead--they’re only too happy to be included in your worldly plans. You may not know it, but you exude an aura of success. People are drawn to you and hope that some of your mojo will rub off on them.

For those in a relationship: You are more objective than a sports reporter today and even more objective than the gossip columnist! Give your honey your opinion. Your partner has been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, and your openness, honesty and tender touch will make all the difference. Although you are happy in your relationship, you may find that either you or your partner has been too busy for the other lately. You both miss the other but are scared to say so! Don’t be silly.

That’s all for today’s daily Lovescope for Capricorn. Be sure to share and check out your reading tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday!