Hi, Aries! Sunday has arrived in all of her glory signaling a brand new week for you. Your birth between March 21st and April 19th makes you quite versatile--you love trying new things in life. Your daily love scope for Aries speaks about not bottling up your emotions because they can hurt your future relationships with anyone.

What to expect

Singles: Venus is looking after you today and tells you to use your head first when it comes to love. An old romance that you thought had permanently fizzled, suddenly reappears. You’re curious about where this could lead to but --why didn’t did this work out the first time around?

Sorry, but they already had their chance and blew it! Move on singles, better times and more promising prospects are ahead if only you don’t dwell on the past.

What is it that makes you of the second decade such subtle, romantic and pleasant seducers? Oh, right--you’re Aries! You are not judgmental and accept that we all have our specific paths to lead. Do you have the rising sign in Aries? Those who don't recognize your qualities don't deserve you! Take your focus elsewhere and to those who value your company.

Couples: Instead of turning all your burning questions inward today, Aries, you might want to consider broadcasting them outward. Have you been hiding something from your sweetie? Well, it’s time to get it out into the open.

Your sudden frankness on this issue may startle them, so try to choose your words carefully and be gentle. Those born in the first decade will be able to solve a problem which has hounded their relationship for a long time.

An eventful period for those in a relationship with a Libra: your extroverted character will lead to making positive acquaintances which will be beneficial for work.

The lucky period with a Sagittarius continues-- a collaboration between you both is fruitful and limits stress which inevitably is hidden in a couple.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: You definitely don’t feel like your usual outgoing, vivacious self. Heavy thoughts weigh on your mind, and this may make you a bit snappy with others.

Just remember Aries that you don’t have to bear the burdens of the world alone--there are plenty of others around who love you and want to help. Maybe the pressures of the past week have finally caught up with you so spend a quiet night in your bubble bath and recharge.

For those of you in a relationship: It’s not the best day for romance, and the stars forecast some hurdles arising today in your relationship. Try not to force any issue with your partner, especially if it’s something you never mentioned before to him/her. Broach the topic with some diplomacy, and you’ll realize that tension lessens as the day goes by.

That’s it for today’s Lovescope for Aries. Enjoy your Sunday and prepare for an amazing week ahead!