The weekend has finally arrived to save you from the pressures of the past week. The more you are thankful, the more you attract things to be thankful for. Your birthday between March 21st and April 19th makes you fearless and impulsive. Your up-beat personality is magnetic and people are always drawn to you. Today’s daily lovescope for Aries says traditional and sincere wins the day.

What to expect

Singles: People place way too much emphasis on being modern and it’s time for you to take a page from your grandparents' book of time travel. Instead of getting lost in a sea of suitors to your darling, write a handwritten love letter to them.

Leave a cute note in their mailbox with a rose, send them a cassette. With movements like that, do you honestly expect to have any competition?

A carnival atmosphere surrounds you today and your jovial mood attracts others in abundance. It’s a great day to dance or sing or do whatever or whoever you really love! Your partner is just as exhilarated as you are and is checking out the pretty faces too. Hmm, well two can play that game! Stop it, Aries! We know your jealousy knows no bounds but today would be much better without your epic fights. Just grab his or her hand and show them off to the world as yours. It’s true that you can’t force someone to be with you, but at least for the remainder of the day, stick to them like a bee to honey and don’t let go!

Couples: Acting on impulse is sometimes exactly what you need to spruce up a romantic relationship. Today, if such a thing strikes, then give in to it. Flowers, jewelery, cologne, a watch, whatever you think your darling would love, get it now. There is no such thing as showing too much love or too much appreciation to someone you love.

If a romantic impulse strikes this morning, act on it immediately...send those flowers for no reason, make that surprise dinner reservation for the two of you. By later in the day, you may be too busy to follow through.

It's time to re-energize yourself for the start of a fresh cycle when it comes to your love life. Instead of hoping that your partner figures out what you want, how about giving the direct approach a try?

Don't hesitate to ask for exactly what you want -- hugs, lingerie, home-cooked food, etc.

How to get through your day

Today a chance encounter with a very interesting and attractive person is in the cards, It would be wise to look your best and maybe rehearse what you’re going to say when they show up. Showing your true feelings requires a great deal of bravery, but in the end, your life could be changed forever, Aries.

That was your daily Lovescope for Aries. Thanks for visiting, and remember, there’ll be another great reading for you tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your day, Aries.