Sunday greetings dear Aquarius. Your birthday between January 20th to February 18th makes you easy going and very observant. You believe in equality in your relationship and will walk away if you feel your partner is taking you for granted. Today’s daily Lovescope for Aquarius tells you to trust that your loved ones really have your back.

What to expect

Singles: Sometimes the best love stories are conceptualized in a moment of spontaneity. You enjoy planning some things Aquarius, but when it comes to other things, like love, all sense of reason goes out the window.

Enjoy the moments with your loved ones and even the occasional stranger. Treasure your times together because time is fleeting and tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Couples: Kinky videos, sexy music, latex playthings...oh my Aquarius! What have we here? You’re definitely amped up tonight and your partner is very lucky to be the willing recipient of your amorous advances. He/she recently expressed a desire for more excitement in the relationship. Well, baby, you got it! Dim the lights, lock the doors and disable the smoke detectors. It’s going to be a hot night to remember because you’re on fire!

It's not always easy for you to open up Aquarius. You’re not that trusting of anyone and always feel that people will try to use your weakness against you.

It’s true you don’t know who you can trust but right now, your partner is all ears. Try not to make yourself feel bad about your insecurities and just talk it over tonight with him/her.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Buckle your seat belts because it looks like a bumpy ride. Your emotional energy and tendency to be susceptible could lead to silly fights with a crush.

You’re so used to getting your own way and listening to no one else’s point of view, that you actually think he/she is the one being unreasonable! Get real Aquarius and get off that imaginary throne. If you don’t try to start understanding where they’re coming from, this near partnership will go up in smoke. If you have an ascendant in Aquarius, today the stars will do all they can to satisfy your desires.

For those of you already in a relationship: Couples can feel the calm of their relationship today. Surprise your partner with a special card or gift and your thoughtfulness will be recognized and appreciated. A lasting, positive impact can be expected and the kisses returned tenfold.

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