The weekend is mere hours away Aquarians, and you are determined to enjoy today! You were born between January 20th to February 18th, making you seem hot one minute and cold the next. Your change in moods usually puzzles your love interests. Today’s daily Lovescope for Aquarius speaks about being comfortable living your life at your own sweet pace.

What to expect:

Singles: You’ve never liked conformity, and you believe you should be free to dance to the beat of your own drum. Just the word 'settle' goes against what you stand for--settle? What’s that?

Let's face it, you're not like everybody else, so why should you meet someone and settle down the way everybody else does? Hold your standards in place and eventually, you’ll find an arrangement that works perfectly for you.

You’ve been pleased with little changes recently, and you have no idea why your life is taking the path that it is. Blue skies are ahead though, and your adventure promises to be eye opening. Soon enough everyone's feelings will be revealed.

Couples: Overspending, overcommitting your time, overextending yourself -- you're likely to overdo it a bit right now. Let your sweetheart help you out when it comes to restoring the proper balance. You and your honey might be dancing around the kitchen tonight.

Or maybe on the back porch. And maybe across the yard. Maybe you'll wave your arms. Maybe you'll touch the stars!

Emotionally you'll " click" like never before.Your entire relationship will be great.

How many times do you tell your loved one how you feel about them, yet nothing seems to move them from their position of disbelief?

With today's planetary alignment, you may find a new way to create romance. Look for something that contains a hint of wine and poetry, a hint of a summer evening, a beautiful beach and the sight of palm trees against a deep blue sky.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: How brave are today, Aquarius? Your senses are peaked, and you are up for a challenge.

The bravest of you will find love with a Leo. For those experiencing problems with Aries, try to re-open dialog with him/her and everything will sort itself out once more. Those of the first decade will leave one-night stands with a good impression after fighting in the heated boxing ring of cerebral love. Don’t limit your affection today as: there are no discounts in love!

For those of you already in a relationship: Don’t be afraid to talk about your problems. There may be a misunderstanding or spat in your relationship today that takes some time to resolve. You may be extra worried that the problem arose as you did not see it coming. However, all you have to do is initiate open communication with your partner, and you will be able to resolve the matter relatively easily.

That does it for today’s daily Lovescope for Aquarius. Thank you for visiting and if you’ve enjoyed your reading, don’t forget to share it on social media. Have a lovely Friday and check in tomorrow for more insight from the stars.