Another glorious day is here Taurus and you should live your life as you see it fit. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has Thursday’s daily horoscope for Taurus all ready for you so, let’s a take a look:

What to expect

When you're on a mission Taurus, your ability to focus is the stuff of legends. So what might that mission be today? To outshine your coworkers so that you'll be able to get that raise you've been bucking for? Ahh Taurus, don’t you know that you have a guardian star shining over you? Things will be just fine so keep your tricks up your sleeve and within a short time, you’ll have everything you want.

Something or someone is telling you to go, go, go, but your innately stubborn nature digs in your heels and refuses to budge an inch. Others are suddenly frantic because they think you’re missing out but, you’re not. You’re the bull of the zodiac and will go at your own pace and get there in your own sweet time. Stick to your guns and don’t be unnerved by anyone. They’ll soon see the wisdom of your choice, and you’ll be smirking, Taurus.

You’re up for adventure and that could be mentally travelling through interesting books or getting involved in a new sport. With your sultry moves, you may even be convinced to join a dance class. Meet up with friends and spend a late night out laughing and chatting about the good old days and making plans for those that are yet to come.

It would serve you well Taurus to not be shallow when looking for love. Physical attributes are great but with a horrid personality, nothing positive will come from that. The stars remind you that if you want to get, you’ve got to give, and what better thing to give, than love?

All the world’s a stage and everyone has a role to play.

Sometimes though Taurus, you have a tendency to hog the spotlight. Remember, other people have feelings too so be gentle in your dealings with them. Your stubbornness may serve you well sometimes Taurus but you certainly can’t be like that all the time. Today, the more stubborn your attitude, the harder it will be to progress.

Even the slightest action might face resistance. Keep a cool head and try to infuse some fun into every situation. If you approach life with a playful attitude things will be so much easier.

To get through your day

Tension needs to be resolved today and the moon in Gemini calls on you to use all your interpersonal skills to deal with it. You may not necessarily become involved in the drama but you may be called upon to act as a negotiator. Wearing dark blue colors will prove lucky for you. Mediate as best as you can and keep the situation from getting worse. Your best bet is not to take sides.

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