Another brilliant day is here Taurus and no matter what comes your way, the stars shall see you through. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has your daily horoscope for Taurus all ready for you so, let’s a take a look:

What to expect

If you're not ready to commit yourself, why be in such a hurry? Whether it's money or a more emotional commitment that's on the line, there's no need to put any undue pressure on yourself to make a choice before the time is right. Take your time and survey all your prospects before you make a decision. Listen to what your instincts are telling you and keep mum about what move you want to make until you're sure.

The stars advise you to get to know new people today and deepen those relationships of the past. Those born in the third decade are in fact, open to meeting others but feel too vulnerable and sensitive right now. A wave of nostalgia hits you and you’re remembering your childhood Taurus... the people with whom you spent time, the places you used to go, the food you used to enjoy and the games you used to play. You crave that happy feeling once again so suggest such games to your friends and have a blast later on today.

The astrological team on duty today is absolutely insisting that you entertain someone special... someone so special, that they're downright unique. Is that so? Well, you’re up for anything today Taurus, so don’t argue - he or she might even ask you back to their place and who knows what shape the night could take?

Privacy is the name of the game so enjoy the tender moments coming your way and make a memorable evening together.

It’s a day for new beginnings Taurus during which you can undertake any new project at work and enjoy success. The moon in Taurus will keep you in high spirits and energetic throughout the day as you plan to start a new venture or maybe even a relationship.

Take advantage of this positive time around and you will have your peace of mind, both personally and professionally. Wearing the color blue will prove to be lucky for you today.

To get through your day

If you're confident about your actions, others will put their confidence in you. You don’t always have to follow the crowd Taurus...

the solo path is also yours to pursue. Today, feel free to do your own thing and if others object, too bad...never compromise your beliefs. Earn their respect in your own way, not by forcing yourself into a mold you don't fit into. Maintain your integrity and act with confidence.

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