Special greetings to you Taurus! Thursday is here and with it, your daily horoscope for Taurus. Let’s see what today holds:

What to expect

Changing someone’s perspective could be your good deed for the day. This person could be prone to proselytize in your presence, but you don't have to provide a permanent audience, especially if you have your own life to lead, and you most certainly do. If you feel up to it, go ahead and engage them in a little open-minded debate. They might be shocked at what is revealed, and you might just expose them to a whole different point of view that they've never considered, Taurus.

You hate not knowing. It just gives you a feeling that something can sneak up on your life and topple things over, completely ruining your serenity. Lately, you've felt something was approaching -- but what? Certain family members have been smiling smugly, tossing knowing glances around and exchanging meaningful winks, and it makes you want to pull your hair out! If anyone loves secrets, it's you, but only when you've been let in on them. Beg, if you have to, because something’s got to give. Something is going on, and you deserve to know about it.

Everyone wishes for a fairytale ending, but a fairy tale evening could be nearly as great, Taurus. All the evenings where you cursed solitude will become a hazy memory, and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars -- good thing they’re watching over you.

Show affection every day, and you’ll get it back tenfold. Tonight you won't be very passionate if your Ascendant is Leo. Something will make you act in a cold and distant manner. Chin up, this too shall pass. As a Taurus, you can admittedly be demanding in a relationship and a bit possessive, but your partner can expect you to be totally loyalty in return and a protective companion.

You just need to find someone who can appreciate your type of love -- maybe a friend you’ve never seen before in a romantic light -- he/she will be the luckiest!

To get through your day

Dependability and stability are key aspects of today, Taurus. Take action that will prove to others that these parts of your nature are fully functional, and you’re on the road to success.

Other people may be stubborn and not easily moved, and you may just have to fight to get your viewpoint across. Ok then -- challenge accepted! Get out the bulldozer and show them what you really mean. Others are a bit on edge today, so maintain tenderness in all your relations. You are excited about activities where you can use up all your energy, so try a sport like power walking or spinning.

We certainly thank you for dropping by, and hope that you’ve enjoyed your daily horoscope for Taurus. Please share this reading with your friends on social media; Facebook or Twitter, and have a marvelous Thursday!