Greetings Scorpio! We are so happy to see you again and have lots of valuable information to share with you. Author Rick Warren once said that ‘true humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less’ and today Scorpio, you’ll be extending a helping hand to others. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready to share your insight in your daily horoscope for Scorpio so let’s see what’s in store:

What to expect

You’re just bursting to proclaim your love or like for someone special. A small part of you wants to keep it under wraps but a bigger part of you wants to let it out and see what happens.

Well Scorpio, your feelings are like like the lottery--if you don’t have a ticket, you don’t have a chance--and your future sweetie can’t love you back if he/she doesn’t know you’re interested. So, put your thoughts into words and shout it from the rooftops--once you know they’re listening, of course.

You’ve never had any problem as a loner Scorpio and in fact, you feel at ease, lost in your thoughts and going it alone. Less drama right? Today however, you may have to be generous with your time and social skills as a truly worthy cause needs your immediate attention and your formidable skills. You won't regret lending a hand, especially when you see how much your attention is appreciated.

A fun family function is on the cards for you today Scorpio.

This will prove quite enjoyable for you and your loved ones and will give you a much needed break from the stress of your workplace. Participate in the games, help with the bar-be-que or food preparation and use the time to catch up with that relative who you haven’t seen in ages. Is that a new outfit? Share your compliments freely and brighten up other people’s day.

The moon in Taurus warns however, that it’s past the time for your doctor’s visit so watch what you eat and schedule an appointment soon. What’s the point in having a comfortable lifestyle if you’re sick and confined to a bed, unable to enjoy life? Get the drift Scorpio?

How to get through your day

Manners makes the man Scorpio and today, you need to muster as much patience as you can to keep from giving people a piece of your mind.

Maintain your principles and integrity as you venture forth into worlds unknown. Give people a fair chance before writing them off. Don't judge others because you don’t know their story Scorpio. Show others an equal amount of respect. Be polite and humble and you’ll see doors opened to you that you never dreamed possible. It may be hard to maintain a solid footing today, but try anyway. You’ve got the stars’ full support.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you today’s daily horoscope for Scorpio by Astrologer Megan Wilson. Feel free to share this reading with your friends and family and we certainly look forward to seeing you again soon!