Sunday blazes into your stratosphere and with it, the urge for you to renew your mind with positivity and a fresh commitment, to be honest, and open with those you meet. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson offers a full description of what you can expect today in your daily horoscope for Scorpio. Let’s see what’s in store:

What to expect

Can you swim? Yes? Great! Get rid of your stress by doing something fun like swimming or water aerobics! For those of you not so inclined, try doing something amusing with friends or sign up for a dance class and break out those sizzling moves--one, two, cha cha cha!

Tonight you'll be able to turn a friendship into a great relationship. Is this Love? The stars will smile down at you and encourage you. Those with a rising sign of Aries should be more sociable and expensive; encounters and new interests are sure to liven up their social life. It’s important to keep the flame of love alive even with small gestures.

Some people enjoy noisy atmospheres while others shy away from them. You’re the latter: crowds have never been high on your list of things you love. You simply need some solitude to contemplate some changes that need to be made. Sure stubborn habits have become ingrained in your personality, and it's making you feel rigid in lifestyle choices. These options worked for you years ago, but now you think that they need to be revamped or thrown out altogether.

Take some time on your own to think things over.

If there's any way at all that you can manage to take some time off from the world and spend it with your special someone, please do! You'll be especially emotional today, but then, so will the person you've directed your loving, affectionate attention toward. So how could this be less than memorable?

This is your chance to get all that paperwork done as work is slated to be finished faster than usual. Matters pending with bureaucratic organizations will, at last, be cleared today. It’s good news because you will speed up a few of your projects and free up time for you to do things that you enjoy. Avoid wearing the color yellow today, Scorpio!

How to get through your day

Be fanciful and outlandish today with your communication Scorpio. Talk in riddles, say your sentences backward and let your wild side shine through. Most of the information will be relayed in a nonverbal manner. Wear the wackiest thing in your closet and don't give in to the social norm just because it's the thing that has repeatedly been done.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you today’s daily horoscope for Scorpio by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson. Feel free to share this reading with your friends and family, and we certainly look forward to seeing you again soon!