Superhero Saturday has swooped down to rescue you from a humdrum existence Pisces. Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own, so today, count your blessings more than your burdens. Astrologer Megan Wilson has valuable information for you today, so don’t delay! We now present to you, your daily horoscope for Pisces.

What to expect

The class is in session Pisces! The stars have sent your key lesson for today: you can’t lose what you never had, you can’t keep what’s not yours and you can’t hold onto something or someone who doesn’t want to stay.

It might not be fair, it might have turned your whole world upside down, but there are millions of people out there, experiencing the same thing you are, and worse. Sometimes, your all is just not enough. Sometimes, even love can’t make it work. It’s just something Pisces that you’ll understand better as time goes by. For now, don’t try to fight it, don’t beg and don’t forget. Let your pain strengthen you and groom you for the next relationship that comes your way. Know to yourself that anyone who left was not good enough for you. In the long run, you’re really, really better off without them Pisces.

You’re trying to hold back the tears, but find yourself wiping your eyes in the grocery store!

Aw Pisces, it’s okay to let it all out. Just wait till you reach home before people think the price of almonds just ruined your day. You’re not too sure what exactly triggered this flood of emotions, but you’ve been dealing with so much lately that it really could be anything at all. Get some ice cream, pizza, a snickers bar and anything else that makes you happy, and take a day off from the world.

Watch a movie, sing, sleep ,roll around in your new orange 'snuggy' if you will, but try to relax and take your mind off of everything else. In addition to everything else that has your tears on it right now, feel free to call a trusted friend for a shoulder to cry on and then waterproof everything else.

How to get through your day

Tonight, celestial angels visit you with an array of visions. Some you remember, some you forget, and others make it to the deja vu stage. These are actually not to be taken lightly dear Pisces. As sweet and as willing as you are, you cannot cope with everything by yourself. Pay attention to the messages received and meditate calmly on who you should entrust your love. Trust your instinct.

That’s all for today’s insight from the stars Pisces. Thank you for visiting and we hope that you now feel much more equipped to face your day with confidence. Join us tomorrow for Sunday’s daily horoscope for Pisces.