Pisces, dear Pisces, it’s Thursday and the stars are urging you to stop wishing and start taking action now. Your dreams won’t materialize by themselves so you have to put in the effort. Let’s now consult Astrologer Megan Wilson who has your daily horoscope for Pisces ready and waiting for you.

What to expect

Responsibility calls today Pisces and while you’re eager to hang up that particular phone call, you know it’ll just whatsapp, text, skype or just come knocking on your door. Oh brother! Your financial security needs to be looked at as it’s something that can compete with love!

How you ask? Can love put a roof over your head, pay the bills and take you travelling all over the world? Hmm..you see my point. Besides, when you do eventually fall in love, won't you want to have a couple of extra nickels to impress and spoil your sweetheart? Well there you go. Focus your energy on earning a proper living and then, you can get back to noseying around the clouds.

You are so used to taking care of everyone else’s needs Pisces, that’s it no wonder that you’ve put your foot down today! Your usual selflessness is being nudged aside by some very 'me first!' instincts and who can blame you? You have no right to feel neglected so let others know how you feel and demand some immediate pampering!

Honesty on your part will really cut through any residual feelings of resentment or frustration you're having.

Today you feel particularly reflective and you have so many memories to draw on Pisces. Did you ever consider becoming an author? The stars suggest that you start jotting down your feelings and thoughts in a diary for future reference--maybe a future memoir could be in the making or perhaps, a book of romantic poetry.

The cool color indigo brings you luck today and also reflects your mood Pisces. You’re calm, collected and cool like a cucumber. Certain people will try to rattle your nerves, but experience has taught you to ignore the naysayers and brush them off like unwanted neon lint on your blue jacket. It’s a fortunate days for social activities as they will create much camaraderie.

Expect a sense of warmth and harmony to permeate your home today. Visitors, expected and surprise ones, will be welcomed with open arms and their company will be thoroughly enjoyed.

How to get through your day

You’re quite the multitasker Pisces and because you have a genuine interest in so many activities, you are also a walking resource of vast knowledge. People feel comfortable seeking your advice and today, your expertise again comes into play. Information may fly and you could be asked to step up and contribute your special understanding of the matter. Naturally, you’ll encounter those who are envious of your abilities today, but apart from locking them in a cold, windowless dungeon, there’s really no way to get around them.

No worries, they can’t steal your sunshine.

That’s all for today’s insight from the stars Pisces. Thank you for visiting and we hope that you now feel much more equipped to face your day with confidence. Join us tomorrow for Friday’s daily horoscope for Pisces.