Hey, Pisces, it’s time for the Tuesday tango! No matter what, remember you are never alone and there are many others willing to reach out to you and help you through the hard times. Let’s check out Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson’s insight into your daily horoscope for Pisces. Heed the messages from the stars and see how best you can put them to use.

What to expect

You've never been fond of blind dates and after one too many interesting experiences, you’re really not too keen to put yourself out there and at the mercy of another Mr. or Miss know-it-all.

Today though, the stars are pushing you in a whole new direction and a new blind date could just be the one you’ve been waiting for! A friend or family member uses the opportunity to set you up for this meeting of fate and you’re curious but a bit scared. Hey, just don't sign up for dinner. Suggest coffee or drinks, and duck out early if you need to. Problem solved!

Today is all about discovery and transformation as you explore areas of yourself. These could be facets of your persona that need more expression or old habits and points of view that need a radical overhaul. Making changes may not come easily to you, but during moments like these, you're so inspired that any shifts in attitude and in your life will all seem to flow with Zen-like ease.

Whatever it is that needs a makeover, you can get it fixed up and will be looking great with ease. Today you'll be able to combine work and play. Find time to do some kind of healthy activity like skating or swimming.

Spending yet another evening alone seems like the worst punishment ever but you must not let this get you down.

Your mind is spinning today and you’re quick on the draw. Conversation will be brisk and lively and you’re quite engaged in a plethora of topics. The music you make with others today will be magical, Pisces. You may feel like the conductor of a symphony. You're able to understand and follow all the different harmonies and melody lines while keeping your own steady beat running through your head.

Lucky you!

How to get through your day

You are anxious to make things better today Pisces, especially since you have been experiencing some problems off and on in your home lately. Pour your sincere efforts into this issue today for the better and watch your luck start to change. The moon in Taurus brings a sense of balance to your life so wear grey for good luck. Make sure your workplace or home is a welcoming and peaceful place to be, as you all have to share the same space. Let communication today be open and honest.

Thank you ever so much for joining us today for your reading Pisces. We hope it has proved beneficial to your life and that you’ll be back tomorrow for Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Pisces. Do enjoy the rest of your day.