Hello, Leo! Tuesday has arrived and you’re feeling rather excited about what today holds. Let’s take a look at what your daily horoscope for Leo has to say:

What to expect

You’re a sucker sometimes for a sad story. Your inner lion just can’t help playing the hero that saves the day in another’s tale of gloom and doom. Today will be no different as friends or family members see you as the best best to rescue them from some mess they’ve gotten themselves into -- again. You’re used to being heavily sought after. You're always available when a friend or family member needs you, whether they're looking for a loan, a ride to work, a shoulder to cry on, or a quick ten bucks.

You pride yourself on being a good and loyal friend -- and there's no reason to expect that to change. Today, however, you need to re-examine the motives of others and ask yourself whether they really need help or whether they are trying to take advantage of your generous and kind nature. In their latest plea for help, you may realize you’re just not willing to shoulder such a huge responsibility.

Your trajectory may be impeded today by situations and people with strong opinions about how things are to be done. Issues of love and romance may be the most affected by this tense energy. The key is not to get paranoid and remember that everyone isn't your enemy. Have confidence that things will work out and do your best to take a relaxed approach.

For those of you with the rising sign in Capricorn, the time has come to achieve your own ambitions.

The stars suggest spending some time in the gym trying out new equipment, so today, ditch the corporate wear for sweats and sneakers. You will manage to enjoy every second of the pleasant victory. Tonight you'll want some fun, maybe a party organized nearby?

If none of your friends want to go, go alone.

How to get through your day

You’ll be blessed with an abundance of energy today so make the most of it. You’ll feel re-energized and nearly brand new with a surge of power rushing through you early in the day. Whatever obstacles come about today, you’ll conquer them with extra time to spare.

Once these mighty efforts are out of the way, you'll find that all you've accomplished gives you a solid foundation upon which you can relax. Enjoy your victory and make sure you plan some way to celebrate -- perhaps an impromptu party or day trip is in order? Why not? You’ve worked really hard for this.

Alright, Leo, that’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope. Thank you so much for stopping by.