Thursday presents itself to you in the best light possible. You’ll only have so much physical and emotional energy today Leo, so don’t waste your time fighting other people’s battles. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is here to offer her insight so let’s take a look at what your daily horoscope for Leo has to say.

What to expect

Woe be unto him/her that provokes you to anger Leo. It’s not that you can’t control yourself--you can--but sometimes, people just need to know their place. Today is one of those days and tomorrow may be extra incensory.

Here’s some advice: think before you speak and ask yourself, is what you have to blurt out kind, is it true and is it necessary? If you don’t tick off those boxes, then it’s better to hold your tongue, Leo. You’ll live to fight another day, but the stars can’t promise that you won’t unleash a real tongue lashing on someone who pushes your buttons.

You’re even more talkative than usual and feeling a bit frisky today when it comes to social interactions. Spontaneity is the name of the game, and the stars want you to be a master player. Today, enjoy yourself and accept all invitations that come your way. Let bygones be bygones and ignore incidents that otherwise would have caused you serious embarrassment.

Turn over a new page today Leo and step out onto your path of rediscovery.

Like the Food Network? You know what’s better than simply watching it Leo...try out the delicious recipes! Today, put your culinary skills to use--or acquire some--as you experiment in the kitchen. It proves relaxing is a great way to forget about your worries.

If cooking is not quite your thing, engage in your favorite pastimes or take a mini vacation out of town with friends.

The color gray is lucky for you today Leo and tonight, those of the second decade will realize that a great tailor-made future is in store for them. A balanced state of mind will help you maneuver through the day with ease.

However, minor worries will cause you to remain a bit irritated, nervous and tense today Leo and you need to breathe deeply and not take anyone’s words too personally. Remember that problems will come and go--they are meant to be lessons meant for self-improvement.

How to get through your day

Today may be a bit more intense than usual. Conflicting energies will butt up against each other in your head, and you might need to make an important decision now. Passions are running high Leo, and you’re right in the thick of things. The good news is that you've done all the prep work you need to do and now, it’s time to act.

That’s it for Thursday’s daily horoscope for Leo. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson wishes you a fabulous day and looks forward to you using the insight you’ve gained here today for a happier, more focused life. See you soon!.