Thursday is here Leo and that means that your long awaited weekend is just within your grasp! Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is here to offer her insight as to what the stars want to share with you. Let’s take a look at what your daily horoscope for Leo has to say:

What to expect

An internal tug-of-war has been causing you lots of worry for days on end, but now the sky has cleared, and you can now come out to play. Your biggest worry right now is how to spend your time--should you do the responsible thing or the fun thing? Well, if you're clever, you can do both.

And whoever said you weren't clever? Be diligent during the day, push a little harder and work a little bit longer if you have to -- but once quitting time comes, put it all behind you. The stars are in a sociable mood and send you to interesting places today. This evening you make new, interesting friends who’ll give you a really lively and lovely time.

While your confident way with words is normally irresistible, Leo, concrete action is much more appropriate at this time. You're at a turning point professionally, and while you may feel your enthusiasm beginning to lag, it's important to remember that you'll get back exactly what you put into on-the-job tasks. You've got the deeds to back up your words, so make sure that you devote your time to doing just that.

Be careful of paranoia, if you have a rising sign in Taurus. Not everyone is evil, and not everything that comes your way is out to harm you, and not everything comes to harm you. Situations which you feel are negative will end up being highly useful for your growth. If you want some advice, take risks! The stars favor change.

The Moon in Aquarius indicates a day of self-discovery for you Leo. This will be a fruitful time for you, and the insight that you gain will help you improve your career, family life, and relationships. You devote some much needed time to yourself and figure out aspects of your life that cause you stress. You will be exploring the far corners of your own mind and personality in order to really feel like you know yourself inside and out.

Others will notice the change in you and will help on this journey. Wear something in blue to attract luck.

How to get through your day

If you have not been addressing long standing issues, it’s possible that these will surface today all at once Leo. This will cause a great deal of opposition in your life so try not to lose yourself in the situation. See it instead as an opportunity to gain perspective and bring balance to the roller coaster that is your emotional life.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Leo. Thank you so much for stopping by and please remember to share your reading on social media (Facebook; Twitter etc.). We look forward to having you again tomorrow.