Salutations Aquarius! It’s Thursday, and you are welcomed to today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius. Astrologer Megan Wilson offers a full description of what you can expect and how should you go about your day today in today’s reading. Let’s see what the stars want to say to us.

What to expect

Aquarius, you are known for addictive personalities, however, don’t be alarmed, like everything else, it's all about how you use it. This additive composition could easily be a transferred into a positive outlet such a compulsion to complete your favorite novels, aerobics or a healthy snack.

Be mindful of the glasses of wine at the end of the day, know when enough is enough! It’s especially important today to be aware of these shortcomings because your routine will be a bit less hectic, don’t let your hands be idle, instead find a productive outlet and a constructive way to use your time.

Friendships come and friendships go but a friendship could be lost specifically due to your actions. Your words can be frank, firm yet loving and respectful. There is no need to hurt or insult a loved one especially if kind words can accomplish the mission. Emotions can run high in a moment but the repercussions of an insensitive action can last a lifetime.

How to get through your day

To get through today Aquarius, remember silence is golden.

While most Aquarius hold true to the belief that honesty is always the best policy. You may find your tales of woe to be apathetically received on this day. Don’t be discouraged though, as the Moon is in Sagittarius, you will be more desirous of spending time alone, you can use tomorrow to share your worries with those close to you.

Today the stars show that it may be best to listen to an album alone or practice meditation techniques.

Also Aquarius, it’s also in your best interest to open yourself to be taught by the universe, gracefully thank those who correct you today. Remember not all corrections are rebukes, and not all rebukes are negative. At times like this, let your curious nature take over and allow yourself to be the student and not the teacher.

For that big event today, there may be some friction with family members, once you can spot it then you can avoid it, but take no chances and drape yourself in a bold shade of purple for that extra bit of luck.

Thank you for reading today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius. Share and share alike! Be sure to check your horoscope for tomorrow. Have a fantastic Thursday!