Welcome Sunday, like a long lost friend Aquarius. There are three things you cannot recover in life: the moment after it’s missed, the word after it has been said and time after it’s wasted. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson will give you a reason to be really happy.

What to expect

You can be so stubborn sometimes Aquarius that you really can’t see the error of your ways. Your partner is trying to put forward a solution that is actually, quite good, but you’re still stewing over a recent quarrel and you’re refusing to move on. There is only so much that he/she can take before they explode in anger, or just walk out the door.

Be mature in your thinking and don’t sabotage something great because of your bullheadedness.

You’ll never know how great something could be until you try it Aquarius. And today, instead of worrying about the ‘what ifs’, try to effect some positive changes in your own life. The universe is sending situations and people to help you along but you need to be able to recognize the signs when they get there and take the necessary action. A good financial opportunity and distant locales are linked when it comes to your future success, so stay alert as well for any chances to travel.

If you were thinking of finally buying your own home, or changing from one to the other, the stars say it’s a very propitious time to do so.

Until you move, however, keep your current dwelling in spanking clean condition to do some entertaining of unexpected guests. People will just drop in with cake, wine, or a little gift just to say hi and of course, share it with you because they really do enjoy being around your sparkling, positive self. Enjoy the admiration and by tonight, you would have been so worn out, that you’ll topple into your cozy bed and sleep like a baby.

How to get through your day

Tonight you might feel like seeing someone you haven’t seen in a while so try visiting them or inviting them over for dinner and drinks. You’ll enjoy catching up and sharing new stories about your life experiences. Some of your much admired humor could come in quite handy too. There’s a possibility that this friend might have romantic feelings for you and honestly, you’d be pleasantly thrilled.

Make some plans to meet up soon at interesting locales, places that would ignite your sparks together and really bring out the best in you two. Let’s see where this goes from here Aquarius.

Thanks so much for checking us out for your daily horoscope for Aquarius. We can’t wait to enlighten you again on Monday, so please continue to share your reading with your family and friends.