It’s Thursday dear Aquarius and we welcome you to another insightful reading, put together by Astrologer Megan Wilson. As you journey through this day, remember that success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. Your daily horoscope for Aquarius is ready, so let’s check it out.

What to expect

As the visionary of the Zodiac Aquarius, you’ve always dreamed big. Your focus has been on setting goals and realistic strategies and then, attaining your objectives by any means possible. Today, you are proud to reap the fruits of your labor and feel like giving back to the community.

Your altruistic efforts may see you donating a sum of money to a retirement home, an orphanage or to your Alma Mater. You are a well known and respected member of your community, Aquarius. The offer to have you give a motivational speech at the school is likely to be made. Your heart swells with pride, knowing that you now have the chance to inspire young ones to greatness. It’s your time to shine so do so, brightly.

When was the last time you visited your doctor Aquarius? Has it been weeks or months perhaps? Well, the stars say it has been much too long and that check up is overdue. Today, schedule some time to get your cholesterol and blood pressure tested, along with other basic examinations as well.

As age moves steadily along, and you keep working and playing hard, it becomes even more important to keep an eye on your health. After all, it’s the one thing besides happiness that money can’t buy.

Your sweetheart has been waiting for so long to spend quality time with you Aquarius, and today, surprise him/her with a mini getaway to that lakeside resort they’ve been speaking about.

Play your favorite couple songs in the car and sing along to them, walk along the shoreline when you reach your destination, soak in each other’s arms in the hot tub and tonight, make magic in the king sized bed. Rekindling the passion of desire with your loved one has never been so much fun!

How to get through your day

You’re usually quite straightforward with others Aquarius, in the hope that they will treat you with the same courtesy.

But, in reality, when does that ever happen? It’s just expecting too much of mere mortals. If there is something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, you should just do it now, without being scared of rocking the boat. Keeping things bottled up will just cause disaster in the long run. Others may have been anticipating that something was wrong, but they were too intimidated to ask you directly. Now they’ll be walking on tenterhooks trying not to upset you for the rest of the day.

Thanks so much for checking us out for your daily horoscope for Aquarius. We can’t wait to enlighten you again on Thursday so please continue to share your reading with your family and friends on social media and make the rest of this day a great one!