Hello dear Aquarius and welcome to another insightful reading, put together by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson. We wish you a fulfilling day ahead and hope that you’ll find the following information most helpful, for coping with your day. Today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius is ready, so let’s check it out.

What to expect

When life throws strawberries at you Aquarius, blend up a tasty Margarita and say thanks! There’s really nothing you can do sometimes, except wait it out and pray that things work in your favor. But you’ve always proved yourself to be proactive and waiting around just isn’t your style.

If you’ve been using the same old methods to achieve your goals, it may be time to switch up your game plan. A good, well thought out strategy can make all the difference between winning the war and losing the battle.

Using the same old, same old, has never been your style. Such an approach bores you to death and you know better than anyone, that variety is the spice of life. So when romance presents an opportunity, you jump at the chance to pull out your bag of magic tricks. You don’t believe in being superficial, rather, you want to get to the core of your precious one and find out what they like and who they really are. Then, you blow their minds by creating the impossible: something incomparable to anything they’ve ever experienced before.

Well, as luck would have it, the stars are promising you such a chance today, with someone who makes your heart flutter. Do you want to know what’s better Aquarius? He/she will definitely reciprocate your amorous advances. Victory is sweet isn’t it?

Black can be viewed in many ways, as a symbol of destruction and darkness, or beams of power and stability.

Today it happens to be your lucky color, so wear it well to ward off bad energies and to remain calm. You’ve taken proactive measures well in advance, so any minor hindrances appearing today to derail your plans, will fail, Aquarius.

How to get through your day.

Selfishness is the downfall of any relationship Aquarius, and today, you’re feeling like a suffering Superman.

No matter how much you try, your efforts are never enough and the hard part, is that your partner seems like he/she couldn’t care less about your feelings. Are you going to continuously allow this conflict to tear apart your serenity and break down your self esteem and morale? Heck no! That’s no way to live Aquarius. You know what you have to do, so take action now.

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