Hey there you light heart air sign! Welcome to Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Aquarius brought to you by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson. She has just the right information at hand to help you shape the forces which transcend your day so let’s see what’s in store:

What to expect

It’s Wednesday, but to you, it feels like fun day Aquarius! You're excited and enthusiastic, feeling as if you have a solid eight hours of snooze-time under your belt, even though you’re running on nearly empty. Life is meant to be enjoyed and that’s precisely what you intend to do.

Several hours into the day, you'll still be having a fine old time and won’t even be near ready to call it quits. Good for you! Consider this rush a gift from the universe and enjoy it while it lasts in the company of some equally energetic playmates.

You view the world as your playground and for the life of you, you can’t understand why so many people don’t seem to enjoy it. Sure, we all have problems, but your sign Aquarius seems to have an inner detachment that says ‘oh, so you don’t like me?--well, everyone else does, too bad.' It is this mentality that keeps you from getting overly emotional or involved in other people’s affairs and it’s probably a good thing. You're rebellious, you're quirky, you're eccentric, and one of the things you're most eccentric about is your unwavering commitment on how to make this world a better place.

You view life’s problems as an endlessly fascinating puzzle to be tackled over and over again.

In matters of the heart Aquarius--don’t force love. Walk hand in hand with it, in a calm fashion and listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Today, your partner will put you at ease and you won't be afraid to show your secret desires.

If you choose, you can easily use your charm to conquer someone you like.

Try to keep a positive attitude today and avoid any unnecessary hassles. Today’s energies have a positive impact on your financial condition and things will get better. It’s also an excellent time to prove your skills at work, so start impressing your onlookers!

The stars signal a possible chance for a promotion in the future so wear a bright shade of red today and capitalize on your good luck.

How to get through your day

As long as you're the one taking action, you're able to get quite a bit accomplished today, Aquarius, so don’t let other people be in charge. Your power may come in energetic, erratic bursts, so use this to your advantage. Maintain a level head and whatever you do, don't give up.

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