Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Virgo. Join Astrologer Megan Wilson as she opens herself up to the messages of the stars. Are you worried about picking the right path? Are you finally ready to progress? Read on to find out more about the forces that affect your life.

What to expect

It is usually the little things that end up exploding into the largest most irritating snags. You have learned the tough way, Virgo, that there are certain concerns you should deal with instantaneously as they come up. That pesky devil in the details is always hard at work.

It is all set in stone now. Economically, the future is up in the air, and it is impossible to guess what the best next move should be. You may not automatically share other people’s judgments but you can still respect them and their right to offer them up for consideration. Well-meaning interference should be given a tad more leeway than the caustic belittling type.

You may be offered a brilliant idea on how to increase your capital. But stubborn might be next to your name in the dictionary, Virgo you would refuse advice even if it emanated from the Gods directly! Some will be granted to you still; do not to get too far ahead of yourself as you will vex those self-same gods. It may be that for some of you of the second-decade things have gone slightly haywire.

Making the importance of privilege and obtaining wealth your life’s purpose has amplified your risk of losing everything. Profound meaning originates outside the bubble of remunerations, titles and status that you so fervidly seek to enclose around you. Permit yourself to be directed by the celestial forces. True north will be revealed.

Applying for financial aid in your endeavors can be considered today. Put in some additional work on a proposal and have a preliminary discussion with your personal banker about access to financing.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Virgo, be accessible in spirit and receptive to the proposals of others. Someone may try to offer you counsel you do not appreciate, but keep relations warm and do not take offense.

Always listen before you react, feedback is a vital step in any enterprise. You don’t get to skip it because it is uncomfortable. When you are passionate about an idea you may be disinclined to accept recommendations, but why are you so sure you are correct in your calculations? Could things not be enriched if you were less gung-ho about continually being in the right? Look at the established facts, not just the ones that appeal to your idealized vision of what should be and make the alterations needed increase marketability. You will find that things will begin to run a whole lot more smoothly afterwards.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Virgo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, please check back again soon for updated information on your sign and feel free to share with your fellow Leos online. Have a great day!