Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo! Astrologer Megan Wilson looks to the stars to find out what they are saying about what is presently happening in your life. Read on to find the answers to your most urgent questions on how you should deal with the issues you are facing in your life and those that will crop up in your future.

What to expect

A little bit of arrogance goes more than far enough. Why do you keep letting your ego get in the way? It was only ever meant to be a tool. Used wisely it can bolster your resolve. But if you let it get out of hand you will only cause more problems.

Get out of your way, Leo, must you insist on being your own worst enemy? You've earned a lot already from your certainty and the strong sense of what you want. Do not allow these good things to become distorted and misshapen. You will get through this mess too, never fear.

Risks associated with particular types of investments can be strikingly different from each other, remember that. There is no real way to be certain you are psychologically equipped to withstand them all. These things do not come with guarantees. So don't take too much on at once. To those of a more intrepid nature, the right tools can make any job easier, you're advised against venturing into the market without the correct equipment.

No sense in running the risk of being torn into pieces, is there? Don't equate bravery with recklessness.

Public relations and an upcoming high visibility situation will lead to some lavish spending. Don't let it bother you, you will be successful in drawing the right kind of attention to yourself. If you have recently suffered from an image problem, this will help rehabilitate the perception held of you.

If you merely wanted some way to garner increased public recognition that too will soon be in reach due to the steps you take today. Make positive and intelligent decisions regarding your PR options today and an improved image is sure to result.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Leo, reign in your oversized arrogance.

Getting carried away by your ego is not a successful way to operate. Knowing what you want is great, but do not let your certainty about how to get there cause you to step on the toes of the people around you. Sometimes practicing humility will open up the floor for others to speak. You could be missing out on much of value by demanding that all eyes be focused on you as you pontificate. Brownie points are not earned through self-serving behavior. Keep your workload manageable. There is no need to take on so much that you become overwhelmed. Remember that you are not the only one capable of doing things. It may be time to delegate and share the tasks.

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