Have you been wondering about whether to keep your assets? Curious about how close the fulfillment of your dream is? In today’s daily FinanceScope for Capricorn, Astrologer Megan Wilson deciphers what the stars are saying about you can expect and how to deal with the major questions you face. Read on to find out more in your Daily horoscope.

What to expect

Those of you residing in a rental property may find opportunities coming your way today that will let a dream of owning a home come true. This is the perfect time to apply for a home loan. Those who are looking at purchasing or investing in a commercial property will encounter obstacles, so it is best to delay this decision for a while.

Be rational about your investments and don't fall for the idea of fast profits. Be tough. Remember the golden rule - sell and you will regret it. Those of you who think that delving into massive analytical books is useful should remember that yes, studying helps... but do not forget about intuition. This is often neglected.

You just can't make a dime, and not for lack of trying. Even your work ethic can't help you turn a profit today. Your time would be better spent on rejuvenation and preparing for tomorrow. So leave off and take up something a little less dense and involved. Relaxation is rarely a waste of time, especially for hard workers like you.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Capricorn, hold on to, your mental toughness.

You will need your strength for what is to come. A few opportunities are ahead, but they require careful consideration as some may be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be logical in what you decide to embark on, things that promise easy earning will more likely yield quick losses. Hold on to your assets as long as you can. Analyzing in depth will help you narrow down what suits your needs, but at some point, you may be forced just to take the leap and hope you land on solid ground.

Do not discount your instincts. Overall they have served you well. You may not be infallible but you can sense when things are solid and when they are about to shift under your feet. Working past a certain point may prove counterintuitive. When you feel the tiredness set in you had better just put things aside for a while. Little will be accomplished if your mind is wandering off all over the place when you are attempting to work.

Do something relaxing instead and come back when you are rested and refreshed. There is no need to prove your commitment. No one suspects you of slacking off.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Capricorn. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back again for more on your horoscope and please feel free to share with your network. Have a fantastic day!