In Today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Ox, let’s talk about your relationships. Determined, dependable and stable, the Ox is a person often finds himself, or herself, in the same place or position for lengthier periods than others. It can be a relationship, a job, or just a phase of their life -- the Ox is in it for the long haul. Strength of mind is second nature to you, and you can preserve a level of work and a state of mind far outside others, both in your personal and practiced lives.

What to expect

You may feel that something is unjust, particularly when your feelings get involved.

This can lead you to stand up for someone that you believe is treated unfairly. Today, others will have a strong influence on the way you view things. Ensure that the people you keep around you have a positive mind set.

The evening will bring a turn of hectic social activity. There are so many new people to meet! However, if you say yes to every invite you may become exhausted and irritable. Try to take time out in-between events so that you can have the solitude you need to navigate the different engagements and climates that you will be exposed to.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, try to avoid wasting time. You know what you are capable of, so go after it without any hindrance.

Today is a good day to lead the pack. There is no space for you in the back, or lost in the crowd. Rise up and shine your light. Let yourself be seen and heard. Set the pace and the others will follow. Also, try planning something nice for friends and family. This activity to will leave you very relaxed indeed.

Love & relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, prepare for intense emotional discussions. This will be a new hurdle that you and your partner will have to navigate together. Single? Be honest with yourself. Is that person really your soul mate? Then why have they never been there for you before- don’t waste your time you deserve better than this.


Today the energies are there for you to enjoy much success in the world of career and business. Don’t place bets on the ‘airy-fairy’ bets though. Follow your gut instincts- you got this. Your advice for today is to continue on your course: you have already made the necessary changes- no looking back!

So, there you have it -- today’s daily Chinese Horoscope for Ox, brought to you by Astrologer Megan Wilson. We hope you’ve enjoyed this reading. Thanks for stopping by and please share!