After 20 long years of waiting, we finally gained some useful insight to the "Spawn" movie franchise. Fans of the series hoped that this announcement would come sooner, but at least it's here. A new Spawn movie was announced late last month for those who missed the news. However, creator Todd Mcfarlane says that he wants to take the movie in a different direction. It is sad to say that after all this time, we won't be getting the comic-style superhero movie we want. But, that shouldn't stop us from venting about the Reasons why we want a reboot in the first place.

So here are 12 reasons why we want a real superhero style Spawn reboot.

#1: The Spawn story has more to tell

After the 1997 films release, we were introduced to Spawn on the big screen. Many of us wondered if a sequel was in production, but that was far from the truth. Enter in the comic series. Many of the fans flocked to see how the story continued and much to their delight the story was complex and intriguing. Spawn has spanned countless series, arcs, and storylines just waiting to be read. What we need is an adaptation of these stories, in a movie form. Please?

#2: The film, wasn’t great

For many of us who remember the film, we can remember an action packed blockbuster with a dark storyline.

However, the way you remember it may not be as great as reality. The film hasn't aged well at all. Furthermore, when the film debuted it was deemed only a mild success. Poor computer generated graphics, sloppy makeup, bad one-liners, and a story that was incompetently paced, didn't add up to much. That's why we never got a sequel.

#3: 90’s CG isn’t up to standards

On the topic of bad CG, let's remember just how bad the visual effects were. Scenes of Hell and the Hellspawn army are clearly duplicated using a terrible mirror effect. In the climax scene, we're treated to a truly uninspired version of the Violator, in all his bad CG glory. What we need is practical effects as well as some up-to-date CG.

We need improvements people!

#4: He’s a dark and gritty anti-hero

Among some of the most iconic superheroes ever created. Spawn is mentioned with the Venoms, the Ghost Riders, and the Deadpools of today. The reason why we love him so much is that he feels real. Spawn lays waste to the ideals of justice and always doing what is right. He seems like a more attainable character than the always a good little boy Superman. Not saying that being good is a terrible trait, it's just that people aren't always pure good. For that reason, we like a little carnage.

#5: He has amazing crossover storylines

Did you know that Spawn was featured in storylines with Batman? Or How about his encounters with Dracula?

These are just a few examples of canon storylines that we would love to relive and see on the big screen. Can you imagine it? Ben Affleck as Batman and Chadwick Boseman as Spawn. Also, there was even a Witchblade storyline, but I'm thinking of an anime adaptation of that.

#6: A chance to redesign the costume

With every reboot comes a chance to update the design of the costume. We see it every time from Spiderman to Superman, each new movie has an update to keep things interesting. What we want to see is a full fledged redesign of Spawn's costume. Updated and ready for new fans of the series.

#7: He seems forgotten

Yes, it is the case that true fans have never forgotten Spawn, but for the majority of those who haven't kept up with the comics, Spawn is a distant memory.

We need a chance to make Spawn relevant again. As fans, we crave the chance to debate Spawn openly. Giving him an updated movie will not only bring him to the forefront of our conversations but also give us ammo to fight with.

#8: Spawn’s enemies are just as cool as he is

Sure the Violator is probably the most well known of his enemies, but what about Malebolgia? or Cog? What is even lesser known are his adversaries from heaven. The likes of the Redeemer (AKA anti-Spawn), need a chance to show is what they got. A movie perhaps?

#9: Potential for a TV series

With the continued success of superhero TV series, it does become hard for me to just suggest a movie reboot of the franchise. Producers like Netflix can take the reigns of this series and really make something of it.

It also can be done for cheaper than a Hollywood blockbuster, so what are we waiting for?

#10: He has a laundry list of powers

Among other superheroes and anti-heroes alike, Spawn has a great list of super powers. Teleportation, shapeshifting, and immortality are just a few of his most notable. What is most interesting about his powers are just how limitless Spawn feels at times. Becuase his suit is a living thing, it adapts and changes. Bringing some of these visual marvels to the big screen is a definite must.

#11: The Legacy of Spawn needs a new audience

I grew up on Spawn. After the movie, I had the comics. There was even a brief animated series for a time. What we need now is Spawn for a new generation.

For those who didn't get a chance to experience it in its glory days, Spawn will rise again.

#12: 1st Metamorphosis

For those who read the comics, you know what I'm talking about. For those who didn't, the 1st metamorphosis was an instant where Spawn's living suit, mutated. It dawned a new color scheme and granted Spawn new abilities. This metamorphosis needs to be shown on camera. We need to see the mutation as it happens. I think that this iconic moment put into a visual form would suit the visual effects of today greatly.

I cannot imagine just how much this needs to become a true reboot. With its announcement to become a horror film, I am hoping that Todd McFarlane knows what he is doing. For more on Spawn, we just have to wait and see what happens.