Hi, Virgos! Welcome to a new week! You were born between August 23rd and September 22nd which makes you quite considerate of others’ feelings. In today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo, we’re going to talk about being a bit more receptive and understanding.

What to expect

Singles: With the rising sign in Leo, you risk becoming too cocky today and completely turning off someone who may be interested in you. To do, to undo, to seduce and abandon, to allude and betray...if this is what you like, well today will be full of this. It’s a time for singles to showcase their very best charm, manners, and witty conversation.

Music moves you, heart and soul, so catch a concert, go to a record store or, better yet, break out your own musical skills. Romantic harmony awaits!

If you belong to the third decade, you feel a sensation of uneasiness coming on. Relax, this too shall pass. Remember that if you want this to become something real, you have to just let things unfold as they will. Flexibility is a remarkable trait, and you have it. Keep your eyes wide open and don't let a single opportunity slip you by; your dreams of love are about to finally come true so good luck! If you want some advice, ignore pointless rumors and gossip.

Couples: Your sweetheart loves your passionate side, but even they might be taken aback at this latest tempest in a teacup.

Learn to distinguish between what's really worth fighting for and what's not. If your partner is a little ill at ease, try to liven up his or her erotic response with spices and perfumes.

Try to think carefully how exactly to find the right way to communicate your needs to your partner. Be gentle today and watch your temper.

It will save you hassles in the long run.For those of you of the first decade, the risk of breaking up is rather high. But relax! The stars forecast incredible encounters which will change you deeply and for the better! Is your relationship with an Aquarian going well? The influx of Venus will get even stronger making you more sensitive to Eros' call.

How to get through your day

Singles: Not everyone is as forthcoming as you are and the shyer ones may wilt in your brilliance. Be gentle. Listen. Observe. You have suitors but you need to tap into what exactly they’re looking for and not scare them off. There is great potential in the making, just take your time and enjoy the moments as they come.

Couples: You may be tempted to close yourself off from others today but try to stay in the loop and be there for your darling. Keep the communication flowing and this will encourage them to reveal something important to you. Watch your words and don’t be harsh.

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check out your love horoscope for tomorrow. Thanks for reading!