During the 2016 Presidential campaign. of the many incendiary statements that candidate Donald Trump had made, one of them was the suggestion that people would be able to use the second amendment against his rival Hillary Clinton. With the exception of some Trump supporters -- before falling in line to deny it -- many of them felt along with everyone else that Trump had just suggested that they assassinate his rival. While the second amendment referred to gun rights; there was no doubt that he was referring to gun advocates to use their guns. When asking the campaign aides, however, they provided a more labyrinthine logic that what Trump meant was that supporters for the second amendment would go through the law in Congress.

Feigning ignorance

It would be one of many times that the campaign and administration aides found some other explanation other than the obvious. It would also appear that in his latest Tweet where Trump shared a wrestling video where he is seen metaphorically beating up on CNN, that he wasn't inciting violence against reporters when it was pretty clear that he was. This reveals a pattern that there's some kind of "inside joke" that only Donald Trump and his aides know as if they're wired differently than anyone else. But there is also a contradiction here as they're not entirely out of the woods of ignorance yet. This is because they also show that they're well aware of the stigma that comes with making their statements well enough to make up reasons to try to avoid it when they deny under the mass consensus that they did anything wrong.

Trump knows the difference

But President Trump also revealed recently that he knows the difference by tweeting out that he was "MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL," as opposed to being a more acceptable form of presidential. The denial was also consistent from his aides such as Trump's Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bossert who was on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos where he said last Sunday that "no one would perceive' Trump's CNN tweet "as a threat." But he also broke away from the view if only for a bit showing that he was capable of accepting some form of normalcy by saying that he "hoped" no one saw the video as Trump okaying the incitement of violence.

Enemies of the media

Kellyanne Conway, who is one the White House senior aides and Donald Trump's former campaign manager, said that she was sure the American people would see through the tweets saying that the tweets themselves were a distraction for the media. She formed this line of logic saying that the media could not get over the fact that the President was communicating to the American people using Twitter.

In other words, she was applauding that he was able to get around the mainstream media because they consider them to be their enemies for not providing them with favorable coverage of the President. This was also the same view that Bossert had during his interview, applauding Trump for going around the media. During his interview, he wasted no time in attacking the producers of the program he was on. As one of Trump's aides, he shows that he knows the difference between the two when he goes to defend President Trump on ABC News.